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Bus from Boryspil Airport to Kharkiv

There are twelve daily buses from Boryspil-Airport to Kharkiv. The shortest travel distance between Boryspil and Kharkiv is around 449 km. The average journey time is around seven hours.

The average cost for a bus ticket is around 13€. The most efficient method to get a cheap bus ticket is to book your tickets as much in advance as possible and avoiding rush hour.

The main bus terminal of Boryspil-Airport is Terminal D of the airport situated at Kyivsky Slyakh street. The airport is the main international airport in Ukraine, serving the majority of the passengers in the country. It is located 29 km east of Kiev Centre. From here, you can catch a bus to Kharkiv that will drop you off at Pryvokzalna Bus Terminal at Yevhena Kotlyara 11 street.

The other bus tops and terminals in Boryspil-Airport are: - Bus stop at Terminal B

The other bus stops and terminals in Kharkiv are: - Bus terminal at Moskovs 299А - Bus terminal at Chervoni Ryady Street 16 - Bus terminal at Haharina Avenue 22

Popular carriers on this route are: Firma Ikarus, Автолюкс and Denisivka Most of them offer amenities like WiFi, toilets, air-conditioning, on-board drinks, and standard seats. Power outlets are available as well.

Boryspil Airport Bus Terminal

The Boryspil-Airport is the largest airport in Ukraine and serves more than 65% of the country’s passenger traffic. The Bus stop for the airport is at Terminal D and Terminal B and it provides regular shuttles to locations all around Ukraine.

Kiev City center is located 29 km from the airport and regular buses are available to commute to the same. There is a railway station as well at the airport.

Buses connect Boryspil Airport with bus stop “Metro Kharkivska” and Kiev Passazhirskiy Railway Station (South Terminal). Buses depart approximately every 15 minutes during the day and approximately every 30 to 45 minutes during the night.

Since the bus stop is at the airport, you will find all the facilities you require here such as ATMs, currency exchange, food and beverage concessions, toilets, lounges, multi-storey car parking, luggage facilities, hotels etc. The closest hotel is located between Terminal B and Terminal D, and is called Hotel Boryspil.

Central Bus Terminal in Kharkiv

The central bus terminal in Kharkiv is located at Yevhena Kotliara Street 11. , which is about 3.39 km from the city center or just an 8 minutes drive. It is 300 meters away from the main train station and metro station.

The bus terminal provides many facilities such as ATM, toilet, kiosks and a parking lot. The bus terminal is surrounded by restaurants and cafes all around it as well as hotels and hostels. It has two shopping malls just 4 minutes away. The bus terminal is just 2 km away from the Holy Annunciation Cathedral which is Kharkiv’s most popular and stunning church plus tourist destination.

Top attractions in Kharkiv

  • Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure: Also known as the ‘Ukranian Disneyland’
  • Kharkiv Dolphinarium: Watch majestic dolphins having fun and doing tricks
  • Shevchenko Park: Large park with statues, fountains and children’s play area
  • Metallist Stadium: Huge stadium where international football matches take place
  • Holy Annunciation Cathedral: The city’s oldest and most beautiful attraction