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Билеты на автобусы в Germany

General information about Germany

Capital city: Berlin
Population: 83 million
Language: German
Currency: EUR
Time zone: GMT+01:00

Buses in Germany

Long distance buses in Germany have recently become very popular.

Until 2013 travelling by train in Germany was number one which was regulated by law. There were almost no long distance buses within Germany.

Today the situation has changed and there are a lot of bus companies which offer long distance intercity and international routes.

The most popular journeys for bus travel in Germany are between many of the major cities: Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dresden, Düsseldorf and Munich. They all have regular bus routes.

All these cities have big central bus stations (ZOB) from which buses depart to various German and European cities

Several times a day, bus operators such as Blablabus, FlixBus, Eurolines, IC Bus, Pinkbus offer trips to and from Germany:

Flixbus controls more than 96% of the long distance bus market in Germany. It has the largest network in Germany. Its buses are usually green. The company expanded organically and also bought several competitors, and now has routes in neighboring European countries as well, including connections as far as London.

Pinkbus - new bus carrier launched in the summer of 2019. They have two policies: First is their “no intermediate stops” policy, with all buses running nonstop between Berlin, Düseeldorf and Munich and second is their “flat fares” policy - you’ll always pay 25 EUR for any bus ticket on any bus route.

Eurolines mostly serves eastern Europe but has destinations in other parts of Europe as well. Eurolines predates the opening of the bus market in Germany and has offered some domestic routes under the brand name (Deutsche) Touring for decades.

IC Bus is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn and bookable via the regular DB website. They offer very limited international connections to neighboring countries.

They are expanding their network. Deutsche Bahn rates and prices (including BahnCard discounts) apply. Booking is through the normal DB website and the booking system treats the buses as if they were intercity trains requiring a reservation.

Ecolines serves bus destinations throughout Europe (excluding Scandinavia region, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom and Ireland.)

Leo Express - Czech company with routes from Dresden,Regensburg and Munich to Prague and other destinations in the Czech Republic.

Regiojet - Czech company with a bus network in Europe that also serves some domestic routes in Germany.

Sindbad is a Polish company serving several destinations in Germany and other countries in Europe. They have a lot of stops in Eastern Germany as well as in the West.

German Buses: Tips and tricks

  • Mostly, bus tickets within Germany support mobile tickets, so all you need to do is make sure your phone is fully charged so you can show it to the bus driver. If your journey is not supported by it then, you have to print your ticket before boarding your bus.

  • Often cities can have more than one bus station so it’s best to find your stop in advance of boarding your bus to avoid rushing

Where to go on holiday in Germany?

The attractions of the Germanic country are many and varied. Although it will always depend a little on the type of trip, season chosen, your tastes, preferences and the time you have available… These are a few:

Cities like: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg.

Charming villages and corners like: Hohenzollern or Neuschwanstein castles, Heidelberg, Quedlinburg or Bamberg.

Natural environments such as: the Black Forest, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the island of Sylt, the Zugspitze or Lake Constance.

Here, we listed the most popular attractions in Germany:

1. Brandenburg Gate

Built in the 18th century, this attraction is not a triumphal arch, but rather a monumental entrance to the new Berlin of the time. The Brandenburg Gate stars half of the postcards of Berlin for being one of the most important symbols of the city.

It was opened in 1791 and its symbolism has a meaning: it is the symbol of peace over arms. It is simply a construction of 26 meters high that, characterized by its neoclassical style, resembles the buildings of the Acropolis in Athens.

Four years after its inauguration this grandiose monument was crowned with a copper quadriga, representing the Goddess of Victory in a chariot driven by four horses towards the city; the original statue cannot be seen today as it was destroyed during the Second World War.

Curious fact The gate has five entrances, but from its opening until 1918 the central passage of the gate could only be used by royalty and the occasional lucky person.

2. Neuschwanstein

Built at the behest of the Mad King at a time when fortresses and castles were no longer necessary, Neuschwanstein Castle is a dream building adorned with beautiful scenery, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany.

The castle has a total of 200 rooms, including eye-catching rooms such as the Throne Room, the Singers’ Hall and the King’s Bedroom, all of which are built in the neo-Gothic style. This beautiful work of art made into a castle is known worldwide as an icon of romantic architecture, which also inspired Walt Disney himself to recreate Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

It was opened to the public in 1886, just weeks after the death of the king. Today the castle receives about ten thousand tourists a day in high season.

3. Berlin Wall

The construction of the Berlin Wall and especially its fall have been part of the most important moments in the history of the 20th century. This wall divided the city of Berlin into two parts for 28 long years, separating friends and family.

The story of its fall began at the end of World War II, after the separation of Germany, leaving Berlin divided into four sections: Soviet, American, English and French. The bad reactions were fueled to the point where practically two Germanies emerged: with two currencies and two different political ideals.

In the end, the Berlin Wall turned into a concrete wall of approximately 4 meters high, which many people tried to cross, being stopped or dying in the attempt. After their fall, family and friends were finally able to meet again after a forced separation. Today you can walk more than a kilometer along the wall, which is decorated with beautiful paintings that artistically reflect the events related to it.


The Zugspitze is, with its almost three thousand meters, the highest mountain in Germany. It belongs to the Northern Limestone Alps. This mountain marks the border between Germany and Austria and is located in the region of Grainau. The color of the mountain rock varies between gray, white and a light gray as if it were marble

When to travel to Germany?

One of the most important aspects before travelling is to know the best time of the year to travel to Germany, and we have good news. Every time of the year has its charm, in fact it depends more on your personal tastes than anything else. Let’s see…

  • WINTERS are long, quite cold and the days are very short, but you will find yourself with the beautiful Christmas markets, the fun carnivals in cities like Cologne and the possibility to practice winter sports in the ski resorts in the south of the country.

  • During SPRING many places come back to life after the lethargy of the cold months. The streets, parks and terraces are filled with Germans eager to receive the first warm rays of sunshine of the year.

  • SUMMER is the high season and when most people visit the country, but it is also the best time to enjoy festivals and outdoor activities.

  • The AUTUMN covers with reddish tones the trees of the cities, the temperatures go down, but they are pleasant, there are not too many tourists and the famous Oktoberfest is celebrated, one of the biggest tourist attractions of the country.

Автобусы в Germany

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