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Билеты на автобусы в Ukraine

General information about Ukraine

Capital city: Kyiv
Population: 38.386.000
Language: Ukrainian, Russian
Currency: UAH
Time zone: GMT+02:00

Buses in Ukraine

Buses serve every city and small town, but they’re best for short trips (three hours or less). Ukraine is dominated by the majority of smaller bus operators, offering bus services over small, medium and long distances.

Bus Companies

There are literally thousands of tiny transport companies operating services across Ukraine. However, on the main intercity routes the two large operators, Gunsel and Autolux. German operator Flixbus has just entered the Ukrainian market.

Where to go on holiday in Ukraine?

The capital Kiev

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is the cultural centre of the country. A multitude of museums, churches, synagogues, boulevards and monuments bear witness to the city’s great history. A special eye-catcher is the 62-metre-high Mother-Home statue, which seems to dominate the skyline of Kiev.

Colourful houses and splendid buildings await you here, as well as large squares and spacious parks. Particularly worth seeing are sights such as St. Andrew’s Church, which is located on the oldest street in the city, the Andreassteig, and the Kiev Cave Monastery, a monastery complex in southern Kiev.

The Old Town of Lviv

The city of Lviv, or Lviv in western Ukraine, is characterized by the coexistence of different peoples. Poles, Russians, Germans, Armenians and Ukrainians have lived together here for decades. The old town of Lviv is as colourful as its inhabitants. Since 1998, the city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its fusion of different architectural styles.

The port city of Odessa

The port city of Odessa is located in the south of Ukraine and, similar to Kiev, has many historical buildings, such as its landmark, the Odessa Opera House. At the latest after a walk along the illuminated Primorsky Boulevard you will feel the magic of this historic city. Splendid, colourful and a little bit ostentatious, that is Odessa.

Ghost Town Prypyat

The city of Prypyat, which was built for the employees of the Chernobyl disaster nuclear power plant, has been uninhabited since the nuclear disaster in 1986. There is an eerie atmosphere here, because, since the city had to be cleared out at once, the scenery of the city looks as if life had been breathed out of it from one moment to the next.

Books, clothes, children’s toys - everything lies around in the city’s dilapidated buildings. An old, now rusty Ferris wheel bears witness to better times.

Since 2011 the ghost town of Prypyat and the area around Chernobyl can be officially visited by tourists. An excursion that reminds us never to underestimate the dangers of nuclear power! This is probably also the opinion of UNESCO, because Prypyat is a hot candidate for one of their lists.

Best time to visit Ukraine?

Winter - Winters in Ukraine can be deadly - but if your only intention is to visit Kiev, Lviv or any other big city, it shouldn’t be too much trouble, as long as you can stand the cold and bring the right clothes. In any case, visiting Ukraine in winter on board a Soviet train can be a unique experience.

Summer - it is true that in Lviv the weather was bearable, in the rest of the country it was very hot, with temperatures close to 35ºC.

Spring and Autumn - The best time to travel to Ukraine. Neither cold nor hot.

Автобусы в Ukraine

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