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Airports in Albania

Airports in Albania

Prepared for anyone who travels to Albania, the guidebook below comprises all the information about Airports in Albania.

Currently, there is only one international airport, located in its capital Tirana. However, there are plans to get more airports off the ground, therefore keep your finger on the heartbeat, as Albania may play a bigger role in passenger traffic soon.

Table of contents:

1. Airport in Tirana
2. Other airports in Albania
3. Alternative airports nearby

Airport in Tirana (IATA code TIA)

Often referred to as the Rinas International Airport, the airport in Tirana is the only international airport in the Republic of Albania. It serves the city of Tirana with it’s metropolitan area and the surrounding region. The passenger traffic slowly grows year by year, reaching over 2,9 million travellers in 2018. Tirana’s airport constitutes often the first choice for those, who conduct business in Albania, as well as for many tourists. What is more, it is the hub for Albawings operator, as well as the focus city for Adria Airways, Blu-express and Ernest Airlines.

Tirana(Rinas International) airport – location

The complex is located about 17 km northwest of Tirana center, in the village of Rinas, from which, it derives its second name. Tirana’s airport is often chosen by tourists, as it is only 30 km away from Durres, a very popular tourist destination. The airport lies also quite near Italian and Greek borders, which transfers for an increased traffic from those countries.

How to get to Tirana airport?

How to get to Tirana airport

Buses and taxis are the two most popular options here. Rinas Express airport bus carries between the airport and Tirana’s center. It leaves every hour from 8 am to 7 pm and the trip takes around 25 to 30 minutes. The single fare is 250 Albanian Lek. The bus stop is located outside Arrivals terminal.

You can also take a taxi, which would be a good option if you have your flight at some irregular hours. The journey takes about 20-25 minutes and usually costs 1500 Albanian Lek (a flat rate).

Both the taxis and the public buses are also chosen when travelling to Durres. The single bus ticket to the resort costs 480 Albanian Lek. For more detailed information about the prices or timetables, please check out our article about the transfer from Tirana’s airport.

Useful information

The airport functions 24/7, which may be particularly important for those who fly at night or have a stopover in Tirana. You can sleep at the airport or book one of the nearby hotels (available within a 5- minute walk).

The airport offers free Wi-Fi and several shops. Please, however, have in mind that the airport is quite a small one with only one terminal and a limited number of amenities. Find more information and useful tips in our article devoted solely to Tirana’s airport.

Other airports in Albania

In addition to the international airport in Tirana, there are also several small airports with grass runaways near the cities of Sarandë, Gjirokastër or Korçë, Unfortunately there is no information right now about any plans for future upgrades.

Alternative airports nearby

When you are travelling to the northern part of Albania, e.g. to Shkodër, you might consider also the Montenegrin airport in Podgorica, as an attractive alternative. For the eastern part of the country, e.g. Pogradec or Korce, the airport in Ohrid may be worth considering.

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