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Airports in Austria

Airports in Austria Despite its small area, Austria has 6 airports, located both in the biggest cities and the most important touristic regions. They serve about 29 million passengers in total every year, from which 24,4 million use the international airport in Vienna.

Located 18km southeast from central Vienna, it is also the biggest airport in the country. But is it always the most convenient? Which airport in Austria to choose when you go skiing?Answers for these and other questions you will find below.

Table of contents

1. Vienna Airport
2. Salzburg Airport
3. Innsbruck Airport
4. Graz Airport
5. Linz Airport
6. Klagenfurt Airport

Vienna Airport(IATA code VIE)

It is the main international airport in Austria. The complex features four terminal buildings named Terminal 1, 2 and 3, built directly against each other, as well as an additional Terminal 1A located on the opposite site. The central arrivals hall for all terminal areas is located in Terminal 3.

The airport provides passengers with many options how to spend time. There are over 70 retail outlets functioning at the airport, as well as many cafes and restaurants. You can always relax in a choice of two lounges with cable TV, free internet, computers to use, comfortable seating and complimentary drinks, food and newspapers.

Bus tickets Vienna Airport - Vienna

Vienna (Schwechat) Airport - Location

Known also as the Schwechat Airport, as it located near a town called Schwechat, the Vienna Airport lies 18km from the capital’s centre. Being only 57 km from Bratislava and 234 from Budapest, it is a strategic transfer point for many passengers in this part of Europe. Vienna’s airport is also optimal when you want to go to St. Polten, Wiener Neustadt. However, it is also chosen by those, who travel to Graz, Linz or Wels.

How to get to Vienna Airport?

Vienna Airport

The best way to do it is to take the city airport train (CAT). It transfers passengers both ways between the airport and Wien Mitte,a fairly central and large station sitting on various public transport lines: The journey takes 16 minutes and costs 12 euro. There is also a slower city train - S7 Schnellbahn. It is a bit cheaper than CAT, but it goes longer (23 minutes).

It also stops on various smaller stations en route. If you want to go by bus, you can use Vienna Airport Lines (VAL) or Air-Liner Buses. If you want to get more information about transfers to the airport, check out our article about Vienna Airport Bus.

What airlines are serviced at Vienna Airport?

All the major for this region of Europe, from which the biggest are Austrian Airlines (HUB), Eurowings Europe, EasyJet, Laudamotion, Level or Wizzair.

Salzburg Airport (IATA code SZG)

The Salzburg airport serves around 1,8 m and it is the second largest in Austria. It is also called the W.A. Mozart airport to mark the famous composer, born in Salzburg.

Salzburg (W.A. Mozart) Airport – Location

It lies only 3,1km from the city center, in the south-west part of the city. Only 2 kilometers divide you from the German border with Munich and Augsburg as the biggest German cities around.

However, most importantly, Salzburg airport is a destination chosen by all, who love skiing, as it is the gateway to the Ski Amade, Europe’s second biggest skiing area. You will find here direct connections to St. Johann and Kitzbühel or St. Martin,Meishofen, Weißbach, Saalfelden or Zell am See.

How to get to Salzburg airport?

The best option is to get the No. 2 bus, which runs on daily basis, every 10/20 minutes between Salzburg, transferring passengers between the Main Station and the airport. During Sundays and public holidays it runs every 20 min. The approximate time of the journey is 23 minutes.

We also recommend the bus No. 10 bus, available from Monday to Saturday and departing every 10 minutes from the airport to the city center. The approx. time of the journey is 15 minutes. The tickets are available at the “Newscorner” and cost €2.50 for a single and €1.30 for children up to 15 years.

What airlines are serviced at Salzburg Airport?

You can find here such operators as Austrian airlines, EasyJet, British Airways, Eurowings, or Ryanair among the most renown ones.

Innsbruck Airport (IATA code INN)

Being another winter sports’ capital, Innsbruck is well-known to all fans of skiing, but not only! Its airport serves 1,1 m passengers each year.

Innsbruck (Kranebitten) Airport – Location

The second biggest “skiing airport” in Austria is located only 4 km southwest of the city centre. It is also quite near the German border, being only 36 km away from it. It is a stone throw from Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, known (so as Innsbruck) from the Four Hills Ski Jumping Tournament.

However, Innsbruck is a real heaven on earth for skiing fans, having about 400 resorts around, with Igls, Seefeld, Solden or Zell am Ziller as the nearest ones. You can approach them from the bus main station or arrange a direct transfer from the airport.

How to get to the Innsbruck airport?

If you’re looking for best transfers from Innsbruck airport, get familiarized with the shuttle bus (bus route F), which goes to the center. The journey takes around 20 minutes and costs 2,30€ for adults and 1,70€ for children, students and retirees.

Austrian airlines, EasyJet, Transavia (Easyjet as the one responsible for the biggest passenger traffic).

Graz Airport (IATA code GRZ)

Known as Flughafen Grazin German, Graz’s Airport is the main airport for the southeastern part of Austria. It serves about 1 million clients per year.

Graz Airport – Location

The airport is located 9,3km east from the city center. It is the best choice for the travellers from southeastern Austria and northeastern Slovenia. The region has an impressive train and bus infrastructure, being well-connected with the most of the cities around (also internationally). The major cities around Graz include Wolfsberg, Leibnitz, Gleisdorf or Feldbach.

How to get to Graz airport?

The most recommendable option is to take a public bus, which ensures a smooth and convenient transfer between Graz’smain Station (Jakominiplatz) and the Graz Airport. The bus stop is located right outside the passengers’ terminal, next to the departure area. The journey takes about 15 minutes and costs 2,40€ for a single ticket.

Due to its size, Graz airport serves mostly seasonal flights. However, there are few all-year that are worth mentioning, including: Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Airlines or Turkish Airlines.

Linz Airport (IATA code LNZ)

Located a bit farther from the skiing resorts, compared to Salzburg or Innsbruck, Linz Airport services only around 400,000 people per year. On the other hand, the city is a very attractive touristic option. Founded in the ancient Roman Empire, it has a rich and complex history with lots of antique buildings and monuments.

Linz (Blue Danube) Airport – Location

Linz Airport is located 12 kilometers from the city center. It also lies in a close proximity to German and Czech borders. Therefore it is close to Munich or Ceske Budejovice. The biggest Austrian cities around are Wels (18,4 km) and Salzburg (101 km). If you want to go for some skiing, prepare for one-hour trip to Hinterstoder or about two-hour journey to Flachau or Wagrain, lying in the famous Ski Amade.

How to get to Linz airport?

The airport transfer bus no. 601 is the most convenient option, as it links the airport with the city center within 22 minutes. The price for a single ticket is 3,20€, while the discounted one costs 1,80€.

What airlines are at Linz airport?

Mostly seasonal flights. There are few all-year airlinks, i.e. Lufthansa to Frankfurt or the Austrian Airlines.

Klagenfurt Airport (IATA code KLU)

The Kärnten Airport in Klagenfurt is the best option for all who love skiing in Alps. Located in Kärnten region, it is a stone throw from Italy and Slovenia. It is the also the smallest international airport in Austria.

Klagenfurt (Kärnten) Airport – Location

Located in Klagenfurt vicinity, the Kärnten Airport is only 2,8 kilometers from the city center. Lying at the bottom of the Alpine massif, the town is a great base for skiing. Klagenfurtairport is only 44 km from Villach. A bit farther you will find such resorts as Gerlitzen, Bad Gestein or Alpendorf.

On the other hand, only 47 kilometers divide you from visiting Ljubljana, which can be a great option for a short break trip. You can also ski at the opposite side of the border, comparing ski runs in Kranjska Gora, Javornikor Kobla with the Austrian ones.

How to get to Klagenfurt airport?

You don’t have to worry about the transfer, as there is a well-designed bus service. Take bus no. 42 of Stadtwerke Klagenfurt Gruppe, which will take you to the center within 30 minutes.

You can also use Austrian Railways (ÖBB), which will take you to the main railway station. However, it shuttles every four hours. You can also go directly to Villach, using also the train station near the airport.

What airlines you can find at Klagenfurt airport?

Few seasonal operators, such as EasyJet and Transavia and all-year ones, including the Austrian Airlines and Eurowings.

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