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Airports in Belgium

Airports in Belgium Looking for practical information about air links to Belgium? Want to know how many airports are in Belgium or what are the biggest airports near Brussels or other cities? Read the article below and find out which Belgian airport is the most convenient for your journey.

Table of contents:

1. Brussels airport
2. Charleroi airport
3. Liège airport
4. Ostend airport
5. Antwerp airport

Basic information

Despite being a small country, located between Germany, France and Netherlands, Belgium offers 5 airports for its travellers, three of which have the international rank (Brussels, Charleroi and Liège).

The majority of Belgium’s passenger traffic comes from the international airport in Brussels, which serves 24 million people per year. The second Charleroi serves about 7 million, while Liège, Ostend and Antwerp do not reach the level of 0,5 million clients per year.

Brussels Airport (IATA code BRU)

brussels airport

Laying in the heart of Europe, Brussels airport bustles all year, ,being the Europe 21st busiest airport. It offers national, international and intercontinental flights, with New York as the most frequently chosen destination.

It is also the base for Brussels Airlines, TUIfly Belgium and Thomas Cook airlines Belgium. Bus tickets from Brussel Airport to Paris

What to do at Brussels airport?

Serving yearly 24 million passengers, Brussels airport is perfectly prepared for its customers, having a wide range of amenities. If you have some free time, you can go shopping, buying some truly Belgian souvenirs for you or your closest. The amount of shops is really large, comprising chocolatiers with pralines, jewelry shops, elegant and casual fashion, travel bags or a supermarket.

Once you feel hungry, check out the diverse offer of bars and restaurants, featuring propositions from Belgian, Japanese or Italian cuisine, offering tasty steaks, pastas or seafood. There also many cafes and lounge areas, where you can chill out and clear your head before the trip. What is important, the Brussels airport is opened 24 hours, so you can smoothly wait for your flight, enjoying the coffee in Starbucks (opened also 24 hours).

Brussels (Zaventem) Airport – Location

The Brussels Airport is known also as the Zaventem Airport(in order to distinguish it from the Charleroi one). It is located 12km northeast of Belgium’s capital in Zaventem. It is also to close to Leuven (20km), one of the oldest Belgium cities with a fantastic gothic architecture.

How to get to Zaventem airport?

The transfer between Brussels and the airport is an easy-ride because the public transport is designed very well. You can catch several public buses (operated by De Lijn or STIB Airport Line) going to different parts of Brussels or get on a train, which departs 6x an hour to the capital.

Don’t worry if you’re travelling to or from other cities, as the railway infrastructure abounds in loads of national and international trains, running to such cities as Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Lille. The train station at the airport is situated at level 1.

You can also use the intercity or shuttle bus, which departs from the bus stop at level 0. Apart from Brussels, the airport in Zaventem is also directly linked with Mechelen, Leuven, Vilvoorde, Diegem ,Roodebeek or Groenendaal (regional lines or Flixbus coaches). If you want to find out more information about the transfers from Brussels airport, check out our guide.

What airlines are serviced at Brussels airport?

Most of the major European and international operators, including Brussels Airlines and, TUI fly Belgium, which have the hub here, as well as Air France, EasyJet, JetAirFly, Ryanair, SAS or Vueling Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines, Tunisair and more!

Brussels South Airport (IATA code CRL)

Called also the Charleroi or Gosselies Airport, it is located 46km south of Brussels. Used by many budget airlines, features flights to many metropolitan destinations, offered by Ryanair, Air Corsica, Belavia, Pegasus Airlines or WizzAir. It serves about 7 million passengers every year, being the second most popular airport in Belgium.

What to do at Charleroi airport?

Being an international airport, the South Brussels Airport offers a wide range of amenities, including many kinds of retail stores, restaurants or services. If you have some free time, it will be a good idea to order something to eat in one of the restaurants or cafes. You can also taste the fabulous Belgian beer, offered in many variants. Once in a hurry, grab a homemade salad or sandwich and a freshly squeezed juice.

You can also give joy to your family of friends, buying them some famous Belgian pralines, offered in shops or chocolatiers (like Leonidas). Apart from it, you can buy some toys or souvenirs, presenting characteristic Belgian artifacts. We recommend especially the duty free zone.

Important! The airport is open from 6am to 11pm. Of course there are exceptions for travellers having their flights at irregular hours. However, please be aware of this fact while planning your journey.

South Brussels (Charleroi) airport – Location

Laying 46km south of Brussels, the Charleroi or Gosselies Airport derives its name from a small town – Gosselies, 7km from Charleroi. The airport is often chosen not only by Belgian passengers, as it lays near the French border (about 50 kilometers).

How to get to South Brussels airport?

Public transportation would be the best choice here as well, as there are buses or trains, which will transfer you between Charleroi and the airport, as well as Brussels and the Gosselies Airport.

If you’re travelling to Brussels, the Flibco shuttle bus would be the easiestto do it. The bus departs every 20-30 minutes, starting from 4.00am. You can buy the ticket online and count on discounts. If you need to get to Charleroi, just take the A bus, provided by TEC or use the Belgian rail.

There is also a convenient connection shuttle bus between Namur, Bruges, Ghent or Lille.If you want more information about the transfers to or from Charleroi airport, check out our article.

What airlines are serviced at Charleroi airport?

It serves several European and international airlines with the low-cost ones, like Ryanair and Wizzair having the biggest amounts of flights.

Liège Airport (IATA code LGG)

Used mostly for air freightage, the airport in Liège constitutes the second biggest cargo airport in Belgium and the 7th in Europe. However, it does not mean that it is not used for passenger traffic.

As a matter of fact, the Liège airport serves 0,4 million people each year, offering mostly seasonal or charter flights. It serves as the hub for ASL Airlines Belgium, CAL Cargo Airlines Ltd. and Qatar Airways Cargo.

What to do at Liège airport?

The airport is quite small, but it offers all the amenities a modern traveller needs. You will find there a supermarket (Delfood), a travel agency, a wine shop and of course the duty free zone, where you can buy literally everything with Belgian specialties on the front burner.

Liège airport features also restaurants and cafes, where you can taste some characteristic Belgian meals, as well as fresh salads, snacks or sandwiches. There is also a Travelex cantor exchanging foreign currencies for euros.

Liège (Liège-Berset) Airport – location

The airport functions under two names: Liège or Liège-Berset. It is located 10km west of the city center. The city lies near Dutch and German borders, being only 40 km away from Maastricht and 56 from Aachen respectively.

How to get to Liège airport?

A special bus (number 57) connects the airport with Liège’s main train station (Liège-Guillemins) where links can be made with local, national and high speed international trains (Thalys, ICE).

Bus number 53 goes to Liège’s city center. Due to its convenient location, Liège offers many other direct connections with Belgian and European cities, including Brussels, Brugge, Paris, Lille, Dijon, Aachen, Cologne, Eindhoven or Amsterdam.

What airlines you can find at Liège airport?

As mentioned before, Liège’s airport serves mostly as a cargo one, however TUIfly or Jetairfly offer some seasonal flights.

Ostend Airport (IATA code OST)

Functioning mostly as a cargo airport, Ostend plays also some small role in passenger traffic, being the main airport for Ostend and Bruges region. It is chosen by tourists, who want to see other destinations like Bruges, Ghent or Kortrijk. Last year it served 0,2 million passengers.

What to do at Ostend airport?

Due to its limited size and role, the airport cannot offer too many amenities. You can go shopping in the duty-free zone or buy something to eat or drink in one of the cafes or restaurants, serving sandwiches, snacks, salads, soups, main courses and of course delicious coffee and beers.

Important! Please, be aware that the although the airport is operational 24 hours a day, the terminal building is only open and accessible from 7:00AM – 10:00PM. Exceptions are made when earlier or later departures are required, in which case the doors open 3 hours before departing flights and 1 hour before arrival flights are due.

Ostend-Bruges airport - Location

The airport lies only 6km from Ostend and Bruges - 25 km, offering a pretty well organized public transportation. It is also near Dunkerque and the French border.

How to get to Ostend-Bruges airport?

The best way is to take the bus number 6, operated by De Lijn, which will take you straight to Ostend center. The bus departs every 10 minutes in the week days and every 20 minutes during the weekends. If you want to visit Bruges, take the bus no. 6 to Ostend and there you will find plenty of rail connections with Bruges.

What airlines are serviced at Ostend airport?

Mostly seasonal and charter flights. However, the airport gains popularity, offering i.e. flights to Vnukovo (by Pobeda).

Antwerp Airport (IATA code ANR)

Located in the city of Antwerp, the second most populous city in Belgium, Antwerp airport constitutes a small international complex serving mostly the Antwerp and its vicinity. It serves as a primary hub for CityJet. Last year 0,2 million passengers used it.

Antwerp Airport – Location

The airport is close to the city center, lying in its southern suburbs. It is also very close to Dutch border, being only 15 kilometers away from it.

How to get to Antwerp airport?

If you looking for a transfer between Antwerp’s airport and the city, the bus would be the best choice. You can find the bus station located in front of the terminal. Check out De Lijn’s website for the current timetables. If you want to reach other destinations, be aware that there are no direct connections from the airport.

You can go to Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Lille, Brugge, Brusells or Kortrijk with Flixbus, Ouibus, Alsa or Eurolines coaches, however please remember that they all depart from the bus station in the city center.

What airlines are serviced at Antwerp airport?

Flybe to London Southend and TUI, which offers seasonal and charter flights.

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