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Airports in Finland

airports in finland Planning to visit Finland? Regardless whether you are travelling in business, want to experience inimitable skiing emotions or meet the real Santa Claus, we will help you choose the right airport. The guidebook below will provide you all the key information about the six most important international airports in Finland.

Table of contents:

1. Helsinki Airport
2. Oulu Airport
3. Rovaniemi Airport
4. Tampere Airport
5. Turku Airport
6. Vaasa Airport

Basic information

Straddling the arctic circle and boasting space, offering fresh air and of course a white Christmas with a real Santa Claus, Finland may be associated a bit exotically by some of the travellers. However, the truth is that every year over 23 million of passengers fly from or to Finland, using the six international airports waiting for the voyagers. Of course the biggest one is in the capital city, Helsinki – serving almost 21 million people yearly (about 89% of the whole traffic).

Helsinki airport (IATA code HEL)

Helsinki – Vantaa International airport is the largest in Finland and constitutes the 4th busiest in Nordic countries and ranked 29 th busiest within Europe (in terms of passengers numbers). The airport handles around 350 departures per day. In 2018 it served 17.9 million international passengers and 3.0 million domestic travellers.

Terminal 2 at Helsinki Airport

It is also acknowledged for its high-quality, being considered as one of the best airports in Europe and the best in Scandinavia (according to Skytrax World Airport Ranking). The airport serves as a hub for several airlines: CityJet (on behalf of SAS), Finnair, Norra, Jet Time, Norwegian Air Shuttle and TUI fly Nordic. It is also the focus city for Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia. The complex comprises two terminals, linked by a 250-metre long internal pedestrian corridor.

What to do at Helsinki airport?

As befits the best Nordic airport, Helsinki’s airport represents a pro-customer attitude with a diversified offer of amenities. There is a multitude of shops, starting from the Duty Free zone (located in terminal 2), through Lindroos, Finspiration, Marimekko, Golla (pop up), Longchamp, Tumi, ending on Furla (Gate 34) or Bvlgari.

It provides also a wide range of restaurants, bistros and coffee bars, serving any type of food you like. The gastronomic offer comprises 30 places to eat and drink. It also provides a modern work and rest lounge area, called Suvanto.

Important note: If you need to exchange money, you can do it from 5am till 11pm (Mon-Fri and Sun) and from 5am till 9pm (Sat). For more information about the service and its location, please take a look at the following map.

Helsinki – Vantaa Airport - Location

The Helsinki airport is located 17 km north from the capital, in the city of Vantaa. Apart from Helsinki, the biggest cities nearby are Lahti with its famous ski-jumping complex, Tampere or Turku.

How to get to Helsinki’s airport?

There are several ways you can do it, including buses, trains, taxis, car rent companies and private transfers. However, we recommend taking a train, as the city has a very-well designed railway infrastructure. The train P shuttles between the airport and the city several times per hour and goes around 27-30 minutes, putting the passengers down on 10 stops to choose from.

If you want visit neighboring cities, we recommend taking the bus. The coaches stop near the airport coach terminal and depart to various destinations, incl. Hämeenlinna, Imatra, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kotka, Kouvola, Kuopio, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Lohja, Mikkeli, Oulu, Porvoo, Salo, Tampere, Turku and Vaasa. Read our article about the transfers from and to Helsinki’s airport and find out more information.

What airlines are serviced at Helsinki airport?

All the most popular European and intercontinental airlines, including Finnair, Norwegian Air, International, Scandinavian Airlines, TUI Airways, TUI fly Nordic, Turkish Airlines, EasyJet, Lufthansa, KLM and more.

Where to sleep nearby Helsinki Airport?

You can choose one of these hotels from here.

Oulu Airport (IATA code OUL)

Used by Finnair, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines, the airport in Oulu is considerably smaller from the one in Helsinki, although it is the second largest in Finland (around 1 million passengers per year). It offers around twenty daily flights to Helsinki. Apart from it there are some fights to Stockholm-Arlanda and seasonal or charter ones to Greece, Spain and Turkey.

What to do at Oulu airport?

The complex is fairly small, offering a limited number of amenities. However, the passengers can find here a chillout zone with rocking chairs or a children’s play area where families can wait for their flight in comfort whilst the kids have fun. There is also the Oulu Shop offering beauty and fragrance brands, local gifts, and Finnish delicacies, books, and magazines at tax-free prices. Of course there are also few restaurants and cafes, where you can taste some local or international cuisine, and a mailbox for those, who still love to send letters.

Important note: If you need to withdraw money, you can easily do it at the airport. The ATM is located in the arrivals hall. Unfortunately there is no possibility to exchange money, as the nearest cantor is located in the city (FOREX Bank 8,6 miles from the airport).

Oulu airport – location

The airport is located 10.6 km southwest of Oulu center, in the Western part of Finland. The biggest cities around are Teknologiakylä’ and ‘Heikinharju.

How to get to Oulu airport?

The easiest way is to use the public transportation. Oulu’s airport is connected with the city center by two buses (lines 8 and 9), which shuttle every 30 minutes taking passengers to Oulu’s downtown within 45-50 minutes. The detailed routes and timetables are available on the operator’s website.

If you are travelling to other cities like Rovaniemi, Kemi or Kuopio, you can do it by intercity trains or coaches. However, please remember that both means are available only in the city center.

What airlines are serviced at Oulu airport?

Finnair, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines.

Where to sleep nearby Oulu Airport?

You can choose one of these hotels from here.

Rovaniemi Airport (IATA code RVN)

Associated mostly with Santa Claus, the Rovaniemi region (in Lapland) becomes very popular in the winter period. Then the small airport in Rovaniemi doubles its number of passengers, reaching around 0,6 million travellers per year.

What to do at Rovaniemi airport?

The airport is quite small, offering a limited number of amenities. However, being an international one, you can find there the most important ones, including several restaurants and shops. Similar to other Finnish airports, it also offers free wi-fi, a chillout zone or a playroom. Of course there are also some gift shop and a one and only Santa Claus Post Office.

Rovaniemi airport - location

Located about 10km from Rovaniemi’s center, the airport lies just above The Arctic Circle. It is also only 3 km away from the famous Santa Claus Village. Therefore the trip to it takes about 5 minutes. What is noteworthy, Rovaniemi is the biggest city in Lapland (about 58,000 inhabitants) and the capital of the region.

How to get to Rovaniemi airport?

There is an airport bus shuttling from the airport to the hotels in the city. The prices start from 7. If you want more details, check out the website of the operator. The airport bus is available at the terminal to nearest city bus terminal.

There is also a possibility to order a transfer straight to the Santa Claus Village. Unfortunately there is no public transport available at Rovaniemi’s airport, therefore the only other option is to rent a car.

What airlines are serviced at Rovaniemi airport?

Finnair- Helsinki and Norwegian Air Shuttle, as well as some seasonal flights offered by EasyJet, Aer Lingus or Turkish Airlines.

Where to sleep nearby Rovaniemi Airport?

You can choose one of these hotels from here.

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport (IATA code TMP)

The Tampere airport serves national and international flights, being until recently one of the major airports in Finland. However, in the last few years, it witnesses a substantial decrease in the number of passengers (it dropped from 709,356 in 2008 to 228,096 in 2018). The airport is also home to the Satakunta Air Command base of the Finnish Air Force.

What to do at Tampere airport?

The Tampere airport is a fairly small one, therefore the number of attractions is limited as well. You can count on one gift shop and few cafes, though. There is also a mailbox and a ATM. There is also a free Wi-Fi around the whole airport.

Tampere-Pirkkala airport – Location

The airport lies 4 km from Pirkkala and 13 km from Tampere’s center, in the south-west direction. The biggest nearby city is Nokia.

How to get to Tampere airport?

The airport is connected to the city centers of Pirkkala and Tampere by bus route 1A, which shuttles once per hour. A single ticket to Pirkkala costs €3 (zones B+C) and to Tampere it is €5(zones A+B+C).

One can change to any other bus going anywhere within Tampere and parts of neighboring municipalities within one hour from the purchase of the ticket. The coach reaches Pirkkala’s center in 8 minutes and Tampere’s downtown in 30 minutes.

However, there is also a faster Ryanair affiliated link connecting the terminal that Ryanair flies to with the railway station. The bus fare on this line is €6. Please, have in mind, though, that the bus route is only operated when Ryanair is operating flights to Tampere-Pirkkala.

If you are travelling to Helsinki or other Finnish cities, check out the current coach timetables. You can also find taxis waiting for you in front of the terminal 1.

What airlines are serviced at Tampere airport?

Actually, quite a few, including airBaltic Riga; Finnair Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kokkola; Ryanair or Scandinavian Airlines (to Stockholm–Arlanda).

Where to sleep nearby Tampere Airport?

You can choose one of these hotels from here.

Turku Airport (IATA code TKU)

Unlike the airport in Tampere, Turku’s airport notes an increase in the number of passengers, having served 369,432 in 2018.Right now it is the fourth busiest airport in Finland. It is used by Wizz Air, Scandinavian Airlines or Finnair. It is also known as the Abo Airport.

What to do at Turku airport?

As befits the Finnish airports, the one in Turku represents high-quality of service, including a chillout zone with rocking chairs and several meeting rooms. However, due to its small size, there aren’t many shops or restaurants on its premises.

You can find characteristic Finnish gifts and souvenirs and taste the local cuisine, though. There is also a mailbox and a ATM.

Turku airport – location

The airport lies in the northern district of Turku (Lentokenttä), 8km from the city center. The bus station offers a wide offer of carriers, providing transfers to Kauppatori, Satama, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Sodankylä, Naantali, Helsinki or even Saint Petersburg.

How to get to Turku airport?

The best way is to use the public bus, operated by Föli. The route no. 1 goes to Market Square (Finnish: Kauppatori) and Port of Turku (Finnish: Satama). The coach departs every 20 minutes, Check out the website for detailed prices and timetables.

What airlines are serviced at Turku airport?

All the most important for this region, therefore the AirBaltic, Finnair or Scandinavian Airlines, as well as Wizz Air.

Where to sleep nearby Turku Airport?

You can choose one of these hotels from here.

Vaasa Airport (IATA code VAA)

A small airport in the middle of Finland, offering regular Finnair and Scandinavian airlines flights. Also used by several charter operators, flying to Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Greece, Turkey or Thailand. The Vassa airport won the award for the Airport of the Year in Finland in 2005,2008 and 2016.

What to do at Vassa airport?

There is a lounge area, as well as rocking chairs for those who wait for their flights. You can also count on several cafes and a gift shop. There’s no way you can overlook the Aviator Solaris – an imprresive work of art., standing in front of the airport. If you need to withdraw money, there is an ATM. Those, who love to send postcards can do it in the airport’s mailbox.

Vassa aiport – Location

The Vassa airport is located about 9 kilometers southeast from the city center.

How to get to Vassa airport?

Public transportation is the best choice here. There are buses (lines 4 and 10), which will take you to the Market Square (the heart of the city). The coaches depart every hour. For more details about the prices and timetables, check out the following website. You can also take a taxi. Although remember to pre-book it before on the operator’s page.

What airlines are serviced at Vassa airport?

Finnair and Scandinavian Airlines to Finnish and Swedish cities. Apart from it seasonal charters to Chania or Gran Canaria.

Where to sleep nearby Vaasa Airport?

You can choose one of these hotels from here.

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