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Berlin Tegel Airport Bus

Berlin Tegel Airport

Named after Otto Lilienthal, Berlin Tegel is the fourth busiest airport in Germany, catering to around 20 million passengers every year. It is located in Tegel, 8 km northwest of the city centre of Berlin.

Due to language barriers, it can be quite exhilarating for the travellers to get accustomed to the Airport rules and regulations. Well, we are here to put an end to your travel agony.

Table of contents:

1.How to Check-in and Baggage Allowance
2.Bus Service from the Airport
3.Taking a Train
4.Taking a Taxi
5.Useful information

How to check-in and baggage allowance

There are various ways a person may check in to the Berlin Tegel Airport. These methods include:

Check-in counters – these are located at the five different terminals at the airport. Passengers can check-in at the counter and receive a boarding pass. They also have an opportunity to drop off their bags at the counter. It is advisable to arrive for check-in between 2 to 3 hrs. prior to scheduled departure.

Night-before check-in – Some airlines give passengers the opportunity to check themselves in the night before the flight. Passengers are to find out from their airlines about such a procedure.

Self-service machines – kiosks are available at various parts of the airport to give you an opportunity to check yourself in. Find out from your airline if such an option is available.

Online check-in - Passengers can check-in at home on in their offices and avoid the stressful hassle of check-in prior to flight.

Baggage allowance

Airlines have various regulations regulating baggage allowance. Passengers are advised to check with their airlines on the various weight limits attached to luggage.

Bus service from the airport

The airport is linked by several BVG bus lines, which offer connection to the U-Bahn and S-Bahn, as well as to Regional Express trains and long-distance trains

The TXL express bus runs to Beusselstraße S-Bahn station, Berlin Central station (within 20 minutes), Unter den Linden, and Alexanderplatz (within 40 minutes). Some services stop outside the Brandenburg Gate. It has frequent departures between 7 am and 10 pm.

The X9 express bus runs to Jakob-Kaiser Platz U-Bahn station (within 5 minutes), Jungfernheide S-Bahn and Regional Express station, and Zoologischer Garten U-Bahn/S-Bahn/Regional Express station (within 20 minutes).

The 109 bus runs to Jakob-Kaiser Platz U-Bahn station, Charlottenburg S-Bahn and Regional Express station (within 20 minutes), and Zoologischer Garten U-Bahn/S-Bahn/Regional Express station (within 30 minutes) (runs via Kurfürstendamm).

The 128 bus runs to Kurt-Schumacher-Platz U-Bahn station (within 10 minutes) and Osloer Straße U-Bahn station (within 25 minutes).

There are 9 daily intercity buses by PKS Szczecin. They run from the airport to Szczecin throughout the day. The first bus departs at 12:50 and the last bus departs at 22:30. The cost of a single ticket costs from €3.56 to €11.65. The average travel time is 3 hours from Berlin Tegel Airport TXL to Szczecin.

Get tickets for buses from Berlin Tegel Airport to Szczecin here

Taking a train

Taking a train - berlin tegel

The train is not a convenient option since you would be required to change stations and then ultimately take a bus. However, if you still prefer the tracks, take the U-Bahn U6 towards Berlin central and change station at Kurt-Schuhmacher-Platz. Then take bus number 128 to reach the airport.

Taking a taxi

The ticket costs for taxis range between 25 € and 35 €

  • Zoo Station to Airport costs approximately 21 Euros
  • Alexanderplatz to Airport costs approximately 25 Euros

For more information on the regular fares and fare changes, go to the following link.

The most convenient method for getting to Berlin’s downtown area is booking an Air Transfer Terminal Service. The chauffeur will escort you from the landing terminal holding a sign with your name on it and will take you to your hotel in a very little time, say around 10-15 minutes.

You will not face any language barriers. The transfer service costs 55 € per vehicle.

Useful information

berlin tegel useful information

Passengers landing at Tegel Airport can easily find the Berlin Tourist Information desk, centrally located both at Gate 1 in Terminal A and Terminal B. Passengers are provided here with all manner of information about Berlin from knowledgeable, multilingual staff members


How many terminals does the Schonefeld Airport have?

The airport has five terminals (A, B, C, D and E) and they are all under the same roof.

Does the Airport have internet connectivity?

Yes, free and unlimited WiFi is available at Berlin Tegel airport. Connect to the “_ Free Airport WiFi” network.

What other services does the Schonefeld Airport have?

The airport has plenty of food concessions, duty free shops, a post office, baby care facilities, children’s play area, premium lounges, hair salon, showers, travel agencies, pharmacy and also an observation deck in Terminal D where you can chill out and watch planes taking off/ landing for 3€

Can I sleep at the airport?

Of the five terminals, only Terminal A stays open during the night, so between 12:00AM – 3:30AM, that’s where you’ll need to be. You can also book Nap Cabs (Self-service sleep pods ) at Terminal B for 15€ per hour between 6:00AM and 10:00PM and 10€ per hour from 10:00PM – 6:00AM.

You can also opt for hotels nearby:

  • Mercure Airport Hotel Berlin Tegel ( 2 minutes)
  • Central Hotel Tegel (5 minutes)
  • Hotel am Borsigturm (15 minutes)

Check list of other hotels nearby.

What are some nearby places?

  • Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide park (1.2 kms)
  • Brandenburg Gate (7 kms)
  • Reichstag (6.7 kms)
  • Berlin Wall (7 kms)
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews (7.2 kms)
  • Tiergarten (5.6 kms)
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