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Bordeaux Airport Bus

Bordeaux Airport Bus Located in the commune of Mérignac, 12km west of Bordeaux, the Bordeaux Mérignac Airport is the largest airport in Aquitaine, being often chosen by passengers, who visit western France, both tourists and business travellers. It also seasonal transatlantic flights to Montreal in Canada. When you choose the airport in Bordeaux, how to get to the city center and what is the best way to transfer to other cities, e.g. Bergerac, Libourne or Biarritz? Read our guidebook and find the answers for your questions.

Table of contents:

1. Bus transfer from the airport
1.1. Going to Bordeaux
1.2. Going to other cities
2. Train transfer from the airport
3. Taking a taxi
4. Renting a car
5. Useful information
6. FAQ

Bus transfer from the airport

Bus transfer from bordeaux airport

The bus constitutes the best way to travel from Bordeaux airport, both when you want to reach the city center or go to other cities. There are two bus services available, both easily accessible at the airport.

Going to Bordeaux

Airport shuttle bus:Shuttling regularly between the airport and the city center, the NavetteAeroport reaches the train station or the airport within 30 minutes. It is faster than the normal bus (which goes about 55 minutes). On the other hand, it is also more expensive, currently costing €8 30’

Bus line 1+

Provided by TBC Bordeaux, the bus runs between the airport (Mérignac Aéroport) and the main railway station (Gare Saint-Jean) as well. You can, however, debus after 36 minutes at ‘Gambetta Mériadeck’ in the city centre.

The bus 1+ is a lot cheaper. On the other hand, it also goes slower, connecting the airport with the railways station within 55 minutes. A single ticket costs €1,70. You can also buy a 24h hour for €4,50, which is a much more convenient option.

Going to other cities

Unfortunately there are no direct connections between the Bordeaux Mérignac airport and other nearby cities, however the main railway or bus station in the city are very well connected with Libourne, Limoges, Biarritz, Bayonne, Toulouse and more.

Train transfer from the airport

The Gare Saint Jean is the nearest train station, therefore all the Bordeaux’s rail links are operated from the city.

Taking a taxi

If you like to travel comfortably, you can take one of the taxis waiting outside the Arrivals Terminal. However, during the summer season you might be waiting for a while. The trip to Bordeaux should cost you about€30 on average.

Renting a car

There are 10 companies available at the airport, offering a wide selection of cars, ranging in size, comfort and prize. All of them are located at the A-B hall connecting wing. Therefore renting a car is not a problem here. If you want to have it already waiting for you, pre-book it online.

Useful information

In 2018, the Bordeaux Mérignac Airport served almost 6.8 million clients, being the 6th busiest port in France. Apart from the aforementioned transatlantic flights, the airport features also flights to metropolitan and leisure destinations in Europe and North Africa, serving as a base for Volotea and the focus city for Air France and EasyJet.

The airport in Bordeaux features three terminals. The terminal A is used mainly for international flights, B has two levels and is principally dedicated to Air France large traffic between Paris and, while the terminal billi is designed to serve low-cost-carriers. Consisting of one floor and featuring a small check-in and arrival area, it is used by easyJet, Ryanair or Wizz Air.

The airport is an international one, therefore you will find there all the amenities a modern airport should have, including 5 shops, various cafes and restaurants, a duty free zone, currency exchange and several ATM machines most of which are located in Hall B).

There is also a post office and a bank. Airport has several ATM machines, most of which are located in Hall B. A post office, bank and a currency exchange booth are located in Hall A. Have in mind that all shops and eateries close at 9.00pm.


1. Where is Bordeaux Airport exactly located?

The complex is situated on the western outskirts of Bordeaux, around 12 kilometers from the city center. The airport is easily accessible via exit 11b of the ring road of Bordeaux.

2. I arrive late at night, how can I get to the city center?

There are local buses and shuttle buses going to the city every 10-15 minutes from 4:45am to 12:20am (and until 1:20am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays). In case you cannot manage to fit in those hours, you can take one of the taxis available at the port.

3. I have a stopover in Bordeaux. What can I see in few hours?

There are plenty of interesting attractions, however the absolute must-sees are e.g. the place de la Bourse and the Miroird’eau, as well as the Jardin Public (inspired by the gardens in Versailles).

Grab a coffee or a glass of wine and visit CAPC Muséed’ArtContemporain or Cathédrale Saint-André. If you have few hours left, you can catch a show at the Grand Theatre.

4. Where to sleep near the airport?

There are at least three hotels worth recommendation nearby.

Best Western Bordeaux Aeroport – (2 minutes or 300 meters from the airport terminal, airport shuttle available)

Mercure Bordeaux Aeroport(3 minutes or 500 meters from the airport, airport shuttle available)

Ibis Budget Bordeaux Aeroport – (800 meters from the airport terminal, unfortunately no airport shuttle available)

5. May I sleep at the airport?

Yes, it is open 24/7 and you are welcomed to bring everything you might need, incl. a sleeping bag, travel mat, eyeshade, earplugs, headphones, to ensure a comfy night’s sleep. Have in mind, however, that you are sleeping in a public place, therefore be aware of the surrounding noises.

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