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Brussels South Airport Bus

Brussels South Airport (Charleroi)

Having a flight to Brussels South Airport (Charleroi) and wondering how to get to other cities? Read our article and find out a wide range of possibilities waiting for you. Below you will learn how to transfer from Charleroi airport to Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp or Charleroi itself.

Table of contents

1. Trip to Brussels
1.1. Shuttle bus to Brussels
1.2. Bus + train journey
2. Trip to Charleroi
3. Transfer to other cities
4. Taking a taxi
5. Renting a car
6. Practical tips and tricks
7. FAQ

Trip to Brussels

If you are travelling to Brussels, you can do it twofold, with a quick change in Charleroi or without it.

Shuttle bus to Brussels

Provided by Flibco (Brussels Shuttle bus), the direct trip to Brussels is the most recommendable option, especially if you have booked it earlier. Therefore you will get a comfortable transfer for a reasonable price (from €5 when booking in advance up to €17 when buying from the driver). The bus times are adjusted to the flight times and they start running at 3.30am. There is a bus every 30 minutes. Below you can find the times and booking for Flibco shuttle buses.

Bus + train journey

The combined journey includes a suburban bus shuttling to Charleroi Sud (railway station) and a direct train to Brussels. There will be a platform rightwards the terminal exit with a Bus A, waiting to take the passengers to the town’s railway station. The departure is every 30 minutes during the weekdays and every 60 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays. The service is provided by TEC company. The coach goes about 20-30 minutes (depending on the traffic) and the fare is €6. For more information about the prices and timetables click the following link. Shuttle bus to Brussels Source: Olbaussart75 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Once at Charleroi-Sud, you take the direct train to Bruxelles-Midi / Brussel-Zuid. The journey lasts 55 minutes and costs €9,90. For details check the Belgian Rail’s website. You can also choose TICKETS CHARLEROI AIRPORT and have a combined ticket for both of the carriers.

Trip to Charleroi

If you want to transfer from Gosselies airport to Charleroi center, the best way would be to take the local coach(bus A or 68 to Charleroi Sud). You will reach the city center within 20 minutes. There is no rail connection between the city and the airport.

Transfer to other cities

Flibco offers direct coaches shuttling to Brussels, as well as to other major Belgian cities, incl. Ghent and Bruges. If you want to transfer from Charleroi’s airport to the abovementioned cities, check out Flibco timetables. The operator offers also some international routes, connecting the Brussels South airport with Lille (direct transfer) or Luxembourg (stopping in Namur, Bastogne or Avion e.g.). As mentioned above, Charleroi’s airport does not have the access to railway line. Therefore in case of several cities, you shall transfer to Charleroi-Sud at first (taking the A bus). Afterwards you can smoothly reach most of the Belgian cities, incl. Antwerp, Bruges or Ghent.

Taking a taxi

The most expensive option in this list, ensuring however that you are transferred directly to your destination regardless the hour. If you are travelling to Brussels downtown, a taxi would cost at least €120, as the distance is about 45km. The trip to Charleroi would be much cheaper, costing €20-25 at least. Here you can find a list of licensed cabs, recommended by the airport.

Car rental

There are five car rental companies available at the Brussels South airport. The fleet is available on the platform and comprises Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt. You can also use the Aeroports Voyages service, which searches the internet and helps you find the best offer. If you plan a longer journey and want to be 100% sure that you will have enough gasoline, there’s a gas station at the airport, open from 5am to 11pm. However, you can fill up 24 hours a day using a Bancontact/Mister Cash or credit card.

Tips and tricks

The Charleroi airport is open from 6:30 until 23:00. Please have this in mind, while planning your travel. Of course the opening hours are adjusted on an ongoing basis with the flights and arrival hours, so don’t worry if your flight takes place at some irregular hours. If you need to exchange or withdraw money, you can do it smoothly at the airport. There are two ATMs available: one in the public area of the terminal T1 and the second outside Terminal T2.Travelex stores are located in Terminal 1 at the Arrival (landside) as well as airside. In case you are looking for some other services, please take a look at the following airport map.


1. Where is the Brussels South airport?

It is located in Gosselies, 7km from Charleroi. That is why it is also called Charleroi airport. The complex lies 45km from Brussels and 50km from the French border.

2. Is Charleroi airport open 24 hours?

No, the opening hours last from 6:30 till 23:00.

3. What to do at Charleroi airport?

As befits internationalairport, Brussels South features a wide range of amenities with the international duty free zone and restaurant areas as the most important ones.

4.I have a flight early in the morning. Is there a hotel nearby the airport?

Yes, there are plenty of various hotels nearby, adjusted to your needs and preferences. The BrusselsSouth airport also prepared a list of recommended objects.

5. I will arrive after 23:00, how can I get to Charleroi’s center?

Unfortunately the last bus departs at 22:25, therefore a taxi or a pre-booked transfer to the hotel are the best options.

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