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Helsinki Airport Bus

Helsinki Airport Bus

Travelling to the capital of Finland? Check out the useful guidelines we prepared for you and learn what to do when landing in Helsinki. Find out how to get from Helsinki’s airport to the center or what is the best option when travelling to other cities, like Lahti, Tampere, Kuopio or Turku.

Table of contents

1. Buses from the airport
1.1. Transfer to Helsinki center
1.2. Buses to other cities
2. Trains from the airport
2.1. Trains to downtown
2.2. Trains to other cities
3. Taking a taxi
4. Renting a car
5. Practical tips and tricks
6. FAQ

Buses from the airport

Regardless of the operator, the buses or intercity coaches are available at the terminal 2.

Transfer to Helsinki center

Transferring between Helsinki’s airport and the city center shouldn’t be a challenge for anyone, as there are many buses covering this distance. Depending on your budget and the place you want to get to, you can choose between the Finnair City Bus, operated by Pohjolan Liikenne or the local buses (lines 615 and 617).

Finnair City Bus

Helsinki airport transfer coach

(source: Vladimir Menkov [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons)

Helsinki Airport – Helsinki Bus and Railway Station (Eliel Square)

The buses depart every 20 minutes from around 5am to 12pm, reaching the city center within 35 minutes. The price for a single adult ticket is €6.20, while the children pay €3.10. You can buy tickets online, from the bus driver or at the bus station. Check the latest timetables on the operator’s website.

HSL (local city buses)

Helsinki airport public bus transfer

(Source:AnttiLeppänen [CC BY 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons)

Line 615– Helsinki Airport – Helsinki Bus and Railway Station

The bus leaves every half hour and it arrives at the Eliel Square in 45 minutes. The prices of tickets may vary depending on whether you buy if from the driver or from a vending machine, as well as whether it is a daily ticket or a night one. A regular single ticket bought from a driver costs €3.20€.

Line 617 – Helsinki Airport – Hakaniemi Market Square. Operates on rush hours from Monday to Friday.

There are 3 lines shuttling regularly at night, therefore don’t worry if you arrive late. For other lines of buses (and trains), please check the HSL Journey Planner website.

Buses to other cities

If you want to visit other Finnish cities, a bus would be also a good choice, as the national bus traffic service (Matkahuolto) connects Helsinki with almost every city in Finland. All the major cities (Kuopio, Lahti, Turku, Tampere, Oulu or even Rovaniemi) have direct links from the airport. Smaller towns are available via buses from the center. Looking for a particular destination? Check out the timetable available at official Matkahuolto website.

Trains from the airport

Helsinki airport transfer by train

(Source: OonaRäisänen (Mysid) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons)

The railway infrastructure is also very well designed, enabling passengers to travel to almost every place in the country. The airport has its own train station, the entrance to which is located in the corridor between two terminals.

Trains to downtown

Apart from buses, you can reach the city center by train as well. The transfer from Helsinki airport to downtown takes about 30 minutes. There are two services available: train I and train P. The tickets are available online and stationary: you can buy them in the vending machines or in the train. A single ticket to the capital costs €5 (regional ticket).

Train I – Helsinki Airport – Tikkurila railway station

Train P – Helsinki Airport – Huopalahti railway station

Trains to other cities

The public railway offers also many direct links to other cities in Finland and Russia. The major cities can be approached directly from the airport. In case of smaller towns, you may be forced to go from the city center. If you are looking for some particular route, check out the operator’s website.

Taking a taxi

Taxis are conveniently located in front of terminals 1 and 2. The airport taxis are available 24 hours a day. Below you can find a list of taxi agencies, which are the contractual partners of Helsinki’s Airport. - Lähitaksi - VantaanTaksi - Helsinki Airport Taxi - Taksi Helsinki Of course there are also other taxi companies offering transfers to and from the airport. Remember only that the price will be negotiated individually. You can also pre-book a taxi. Those can be found waiting for their passengers at the back of the taxi areas in front of terminals 1 and 2.

Renting a car

If you cherish comfort and independence, you can always rent a car. There are several international companies, which co-operate with the airport, providing a large variety of cars. Choose one of the rental companies (Europcar, Sixt Hertz, Avis and Budget), waiting for you at the parking 3B, nearby the airport.

Practical tips and tricks

The airport is operated by Finavia and it is one of the leading airports in Northern Europe. As for the passengers, the airport is ranked as the 29th busiest within Europe. Finavia expands care to strengthen the position of Helsinki’s Airport in transit passenger traffic between Europe and Asia. As befits a large international airport, it features all the amenities you may need, including several ATMs and money exchange points. In case you are looking for some other services, please take a look at the following airport map.


1. Where is the Helsinki airport?

The Helsinki airport is located 17 km north from the capital, in the city of Vantaa.

2. How big is the Helsinki airport?

Currently it has two terminals with a total of 29 gates with jet bridges. It also features 80 remote aircraft parking stands.

3. Is Helsinki airport open 24 hours?

Yes, the airport is open 24 hours, so as some of the cafes and eating places.

4. Can I sleep at Helsinki airport?

Yes, you can. The airport in Helsinki offers numerous comfortable furniture that includes armrest-free benches and reclining chairs. There is an airside quiet room—Kainuu Lounge—with carpeting and two long recliners near Gate 31, as well as some “work and rest” spots throughout the airport. Sleeping pods are available in Terminal 1 for a fee. There are also some hotels at the airport - check nearby hotels

5. Where is the airport train station?

It can be found very easy, as the entrance to it is in the corridor between the terminals.

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