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Kraków Balice Airport Bus

Kraków Balice Airport Bus

The Kraków Balice Airport is the second busiest airport in Poland based on annual passenger volume. It is located in southern Poland, in the village of Balice.

The international airport is located 11 km to the west of the city centre. Are you planning a trip to Poland and arriving at Kraków Airport? Do you need help with travelling to the Kraków city centre? We created a comprehensive guide to help you on your journey.

Table of contents

1.Buses from the airport
2.Train from the airport
3.Renting a car
4.Getting a taxi
5.Useful information

Buses from the Kraków Airport

If you’re not in a rush and want to travel economically, taking the public bus from Kraków Airport to the city centre is the cheapest option.

The airport provides two buses in the day and one bus at night to the city centre. The tickets can be bought from the ticket machines inside the terminal with the initials “MPK” all over them, which is the name of the public transport company.

The average time of the journey will range from 40-50 minutes as buses travel at different routes in heavy traffic and make multiple stops. There are three bus routes – 208, 252 and 902.

  • Bus 208 – This municipal line runs during the day from the airport to the eastern railway station Dworzec Główny Wschód. They are available every hour.
  • Bus 252 – This municipal line runs during the day every thirty minutes from Kraków Airport to ICE Congress Centre.
  • Bus 902 – This is the night bus running once every hour between 11 pm and 4 am.

The fare for a single ticket costs around 5 PLN, roughly 1 EUR. You can also buy the 60 or 90 minutes ticket or the 24-hour ticket if you want to later go out for a tour of the city. Rides are free if you possess the Kraków Travel Card.

If you want to book a bus in advance, then click here to buy tickets for buses running in between Kraków Airport and the city centre - Neobus operates on this route.

Please make sure that you possess your ID and printed ticket with you at all times. They are required to go onboard the bus.

There are also buses available to other cities from Kraków Airport like Ternopil, Lviv and Rzeszow.

However, keep in mind that buses do not have extra luggage space. So if you’re carrying more than one backpack taking a taxi is a wiser choice.

Train from the airport

The Kraków Airport also has a train station located adjacent to its terminal. The train is the fastest transportation and will take you to the city centre within 20 minutes. Koleje Małopolskie operates the trains in routes SKA1, SKA2 and SKA3.

Routes and fares are listed below:

  • Kraków Airport to Kraków Main Train Station - PLN 12,00
  • Kraków Airport to Wieliczka Salt Mine - PLN 16,00
  • Luggage is free of cost however storage space is limited
  • If you have a pet dog, then you have to pay an additional PLN 3,00

You can easily buy tickets from the electronic machines present at the terminal and the train station. Trains depart every 30 minutes and tickets can be bought online as well. You can find the train timetable here.

Payment can also be made on-board if you are late and the train is about to leave while you just enter the station. However, keep in mind that the train conductor only accepts payment in cash.

The platforms are levelled with the train doors. This allows easy wheelchair access for people with disabilities. For further information, you can check the Kraków Airport website as well.

Renting a car

rent a car kraków airport

Kraków Airport is well connected via different public modes of transportation in and around the city, which is why the need for renting a car doesn’t always become necessary.

However, if you’re carrying heavy luggage, arriving with your baby or travelling with senior citizens, a private car can help you reduce travel time and move around the city in comfort.

Travellers generally rent a car when they are travelling to some remote place or any other city which is generally not covered by the public transport routes.

Right opposite to the arrivals section of the terminal, an escalator will take you to the top floor where the car rentals section of the airport is located.

You’ll find a corridor featuring slanted windows with the signs, “Rent-A-Car” and “Travelling Agencies”. Every travel agency has their own separate counter.

Access the car rentals page of Kraków Airport website. The hiring cost varies with companies. It also depends on the total distance to be covered and the type of car you choose.

There is also the Kraków Airport Transfer, which is by far the most comfortable means to get from the airport to your hotel. You have to make the booking in advance and the driver will wait for you at the arrivals section with a placard reading your name.

Getting a taxi

If hiring a private car gets a little costly for you, a cheaper option is getting a taxi. Like private rentals, taxis also provide the space to carry heavy luggage.

Although keep in mind that taxis generally operate in and around the city and not always travel to faraway destinations.

Right after you exit Kraków Airport, there is a lane for official airport taxis. Their fares are unfortunately very high.

The airport taxi’s cost a lot more than Uber because they pay upfront their parking fees. An Uber ride will take around 25 PLN while private taxis can go above 85 PLN.

The taxi booking numbers are +48 12 258 0 258 and +48 668 307 307. Their call centres are open daily from 6 am to 10 pm. All taxi drivers accept Visas, Mastercards and American Express cards.

Right next to the taxi lane is the guest lane. This is where private cars entering the airport stop to pick up passengers and are only provided a free 30 minutes of airport access time.

Apart from Uber, now private taxis also feature FreeNow and Bolt. You can book them through their respective mobile apps after you have arrived at the airport. They also offer different choices of vehicles like sedans or SUVs if you’re travelling in a group or with big luggage.

Useful Information

kraków balice airport information

The Kraków Airport has a total of two terminals. One for domestic and one for international flights.

The facilities available include:

  • Plenty of restaurants, cafes and shopping areas across both terminals. Unfortunately, none of them are open for 24 hours so pack some food from before if you’re planning to stay overnight.

  • Airport WiFi across both the terminals but it is only free for the first fifteen minutes. Airport lounges with free access only to business class passengers. Others have to buy a priority pass to enter.

  • A pharmacy which is open from 7 am to 10 pm.

  • Power outlets beside the seats in the departure hall. So no need to worry if your phone’s battery has run out.

  • An observation deck on level 2 where you can also relax and watch planes taking off and land. A small fee of 2 PLN is applicable for passengers accessing the deck.

  • Two lost and found Luggages offices located near the arrivals area and the other one behind the Visitor’s Centre.

  • An on-site chapel and two prayer rooms situated right inside the terminal.

  • There is an information desk and a currency exchange at the check-in hall.

  • Banking services. However, they are only available between 9 am and 4:30 pm.

  • ATMs are present in both the departures and arrivals halls. Although keep in mind that international fees will apply to your card. Check with your bank to know about all charges.

  • Baby-care facilities and two Children’s Play Areas are present on the first level.

  • Post-office and two foreign exchange offices are housed inside the Kraków Balice International Airport.

If you’re planning to sleep overnight at the terminal then head over to the shop area around floor one where passengers have reported to find a bit of peace and tranquility at night.

Some seats also come without an armrest and can be reclined. Bring your own blankets for a better experience.


Does Kraków Airport provide a business lounge?

Yes, it does. The business lounge comes equipped with fast internet access and a workspace. There is also a conference room which can house up to 12 people in the VIP terminal.

Are there facilities for people with disabilities available?

There is good accessibility for people with disabilities all across the terminal. The lifts and toilets all have accommodations to suit the needs of people with disabilities. A common sign indication system runs throughout the terminal for easy access. Plenty of staff personnel are present 24 hours to help as well.

Which airlines fly to Kraków Airport?

Ryanair, Aeroflot, Lufthansa and Air Berlin are popular airlines from Kraków Airport. London is the most visited place from Kraków Airport.

Can I sleep at the airport at night? Are there any hotels nearby?

The Airport is open 24 hours a day, so yes, you can sleep inside. However, if you want a more comfortable option, choosing a hotel nearby is not a bad idea.

Hotel Polin is located the closest from the airport, just 1.7 km away.

Hotel Indigo Krakow is the traveller’s choice hotel in the vicinity. Both of them provide free, high-speed Wi-Fi and air-conditioning.

Here you can find full list of hotels nearby Kraków Airport.

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