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Marseille Airport Bus

Marseille Airport Bus Going to the beautiful Marseille? Check out our comprehensive guidebook and find out what to do once landing at Marseille Marignane Airport. What would be the best transfer to the city? How to get to Aix -en-Provence,Martigues, Istres or other cities?

Table of contents:

1. Buses from the airport
1.1. Bus to Marseille
1.2. Buses to other cities
2. Trains from the airport
3. Taking a taxi
4. Renting a car
5. Useful information
6. FAQ

Buses from the airport

Marseille airport bus routes

As you can see above, Marseille’s airport is communicated very well with the entire region, featuring city buses as well as intercity carriers to even Gap, Nice or Beziers.

Bus to Marseille

Navette Shutlle bus (line 91)–Marseille Marignane Airport – Marseille Saint Charles (railway station)

It departs every 15-20 minutes to and from the railway station, costing €8,30 for a single ticket. Below you can check out the current timetables.

Buses to other cities

Coach would be also the best option in all journeys to other cities. Landing at Marignane Airport, you can go directly to Martigues, Aix-en Provence, Hyeres, Istres, Avingon, Gap and many more.

The intercity buses usually depart from the 10th or 12th platform. Ouibus provides courses to Bordeaux, including Arles, Avignon, Montpellier or Nimes on its route. It also shuttles between the airport and Toulon or Nice. If you want to go to St. Tropez, check out the LER N° Azur website.

Bus to Marseille

For proximal trips, e.g. to Aix-En-Provence, check out the Le Pilote operator. The coach runs daily every half hour. Within around 30 minutes, you’ll reach Aix Bus Station.

The bus fare is €8,60 for a single ticket. The same is with Salon de Provence. However, here the journey might be longer (45min to 1h10min depending on the chosen route).

Trains from the airport

There is no train station strictly at the airport. However, the VitrollesAéroport Marseille Provence Station lies only 5 minutes from the airport. There is a free shuttle bus connecting the airport with the station, from which you can travel further to Marseille or other cities.

The buses leave time after time, throughout the whole day. Please be aware, that they depart at least 10 minutes before the forthcoming train. A single ticket train for a second class to Marseille costs €5.20.

Taking a taxi

Taxis are very popular here in Marseille. When you don’t want to count on means of public transport, taxis would be a perfect alternative. Available 24/7, they will cost you around €50-60€ for a trip to Marseille or Aix-en Provence. Be careful and watch out for the potential tricksters. For more information, check out the official airport’s website.

Renting a car

There are many car rental companies available at the airport, having their offices in front of the terminal 1. Below you can find a full list of them. Book your car at the airport or do it online before.

Useful information

Marseille Provence Airport constitutes an important international airport located for the southern France. It is located 27 kilometers northwest of Marseille, in Marignane. The airport’s hinterland goes from Gap to Arles and from Toulon to Avignon. It offers a large number of flight destinations, which –exceeds 100 during the season. Most of them are European and North African.

However, there are some more exotic ones, like Antananarivo or Beirut. The airport itself is a very modern complex, providing high-quality passenger service. There are 9 shops waiting for you, including a large duty-free zone. For those, who want to grab something to eat, the airport offers 7 cafes and restaurants.

Apart from the standard facilities, like ATM machines or currency exchange points, you can also find 4 multilingual multimedia corners or a web corner with broadband internet access, office automation software, file transfers,webcam and network video games (actions, adventure, sport simulations).

There is also a flower machine, which might be a good idea, when you want to give joy to your beloved ones or a photo machine, realizing your pictures within few seconds.


1. Is Marseille airport big?

It is the fifth busiest French airport by passenger traffic and third largest for cargo traffic. The complex has one large unique passenger Terminal divided into Hall 1 ground floor, Hall 1 upper floor, Hall 4 ground floor, Halls 3-4 upper floor and Mp2.

2. Is the airport open 24 hours?

Yes, it operates 24/7.

3. Is Marseille airport safe?

Yes, it is safe, as befits an international airport. It is constantly monitored and has security guards 24/7.

4. Where to stay near Marseille airport?

There at least three international hotels nearby. The Ibis Budget Aeroport Marseille Provence, located 900m from the airport, offers Wi-Fi, a free parking and amenities for disabled people. The Best Western Hotel is a bit further (1km from the airport). It also offers free Wi-Fi, parking, features amenities for people with disabilities and has an outdoor pool.

If you like more luxury, check out the Hotel Pullman Marseille Provence Aeroport. Located 1,2km from the complex, it features all the amenities mentioned before along with full room service. Check nearby hotels.

5. How to get to the city at night?

You can count on the shuttle bus, operating very frequently (every 30 minutes). Of course there are also many taxis, in case you’d miss or don’t’ like public transportation.

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