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Montpellier Airport Bus

Montpellier Airport Bus

Going to Montpellier? Check out the article we prepared for you. Below you will find out how to get to transfer between the Fréjorgues Airport and the city, what to do at the airport, where to sleep and many more important information. Fasten your seatbelts!

Table of contents:

1. Bus transfers
1.1. Transfer to Montpellier
1.2. Transfer to other cities
2. Train transfers
3. Taking a taxi
4. Renting a car
5. Helpful information
6. FAQ

Bus transfers

Herault bus Montpellier airport

Having no direct tram or train connection with the city, the Montpellier Airport offers a very-well designed bus communication. Quick and reliable, it will transfer you to the city within 15 minutes. The bus stops are located left side of the terminal.

Transfer to Montpellier

Bus line 120: Reaching the town within 15 minutes, the Airport Shuttle or Navette Aéroport connects the Fréjorgues Airport and Place de L’Europe in the eastern part of the city.

If you want to go downtown, you can take a 15-20 minute walk or catch a tram no.1towards Mosson. In less than 10 minutes you will be at the Gare Saint-Roch(railway station). On board the Airport Shuttle bus you can buy either a single ticket for €1.60 (bus) or a combined one for €2.60 (bus and tram).

Check out the Navette Aeroport’s timetable, as well as the schedule for tram line 1.

Buses to other cities

The Montpeliier-Méditerranée Airport is connect directly with Nîmes and Béziers, the biggest cities around. Check out the carriers that are operating this route for detailed information about the fares and timetables.

Train transfers

Unfortunately the airport hasn’t got its own railway station, therefore the only rail links are available from the Montpellier Station (Gare Saint-Roch). From there you can catch a train to Béziers, Nîmes or Marseille. Check out the SNCF website and find out more about the prices and timetables.

Taking a taxi

There are always some taxis waiting for you outside the terminal. In case you want to reach Montpellier more comfortably, prepare for a €30 expense. You can also go to Béziers (for about €140 to €220, depending on the part of the day) or to Nîmes (€105-140 depending on the part of the day).

Renting a car

Car rental seems to be also a popular option, especially among those, who like to explore the surroundings on their own. There are eight providers of rental cars at the airport. The vehicles are located on P1 Parking Loueurs, close to the terminal.

Helpful information

Also known as Fréjorgues Airport, the Montpellier-Mediterranee port serves Languedoc-Roussillon and its surroundings. In 2018 around 1,85 million passengers used it. It is often chosen by tourists traveling on their vacations.

That is why there is a large number of charter and seasonal flights available throughout the year. The complex itself meets all the contemporary requirements, offering decent amenities, including a duty-free zone and few shops. It also won’t leave you hungry, as there are several restaurants. Have in mind, though, that the airport closes at night, so as all its facilities.

It is also possible to withdraw money in one of its ATM machines. There is no chance for a currency exchange, though.


1. Where to sleep near the Montpellier- Méditerranée Airport?

This airport closes nightly, from 11:00PM until 5:30AM, so it impossible to camp there for few hours.

If you want to enjoy uninterrupted sleep, there are few relatively cheap hotels around, from which the Aeroport Hotel – (5 minute walk from the terminal) is the closest one. There is a free shuttle available from 5:30AM – 10:00PM, upon request.

2. How to get to the city at night?

The buses and trams are shuttling from 4:30am to 1:30am during the week and till 2:30am at weekends. If it does not fit you, the best way would be to take a taxi or rent a car.

3. Where is Montpellier Airport?

It is located in the southern France, 11km southeast of Montpellier. This distance is usually covered by 20-25 minutes by car or bus.

4. What are the flights available in Montpellier?

Several national and international ones (mostly from Algeria and Morocco), as well as some charter and seasonal ones.

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