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Munich Airport Bus

Munich Airport

Munich Airport (or Flughafen München) is the international airport of Munich, the capital of Bavaria. It is the second-busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic and is Lufthansa’s second hub.

Table of Contents:

1.How to Check-in and Baggage Allowance
2.Bus Service from the Airport
3.Train Service from the Airport
4.Taking a Taxi
5.Renting a car
6.Useful information

How To Check-in And Baggage Allowance

There are three options for checking in at Munich Airport- check-in desks, online/mobile check-in or night-before check-in.

For check-in desks: On your ticket you will find the area where you can receive your boarding pass and deposit your luggage:

  • T1A, T1B, T1C, T1D, T1E means that you check-in at Terminal 1 in modules A, B, C, D or E.
  • T1Z means that you check-in at the check-in counters in the Munich Airport Center (MAC).
  • T2 means that you check-in in the central departure hall of Terminal 2.

Online/Mobile Check-in: Check with your airlines for the policy.

Night-before Check-in: Some airlines permit passengers to check-in their baggage on the evening prior to their departure from Munich.

Bus Service From The Airport

Bus Service From munich airport

The bus stations are in the front of the central area at level 03, in the front of the areas A and D of terminal 1 on street level, as well as at the northern entrance to terminal 2 at level 04.

Lufthansa Express Bus ( Airport to Munich Central)

The Lufthansa Express Bus takes you every 15 minutes from Munich Airport to Munich Central Station and back. A one-way trip takes about 45 minutes. A ticket costs €10.50 one-way or €17 return.

You can get on and off at the following stations at Munich Airport: - Terminal 2 - Terminal 1 / Modul A - Terminal 1 / MAC - Terminal 1 / Modul D (Endhaltestelle)

You can get bus tickets from Munich International Airport to Munich Central here

Munich Airport to Salzburg

There are daily buses from Munich International Airport to Salzburg. The carrier on this route is GoOpti.The first bus departs at 00:00 and there is a bus available every hour throughout the entire day. The duration of the journey is 2 hours 45 minutes.

Get bus tickets from Munich International Airport to Salzburg here

Train Service from the Munich Airport

Munich Airport train- S-Bahn electric train to the city center (lines S1 & S8)

The electric train departs every 20 minutes from near the arrivals terminal and will take you to the city center by 50 minutes. The train is well connected to various parts of the city and provides a very comfortable journey. The cost of a single ticket is 11.6 EUR.

Taking A Taxi

There are taxi ranks right outside terminal 1 at the arrivals and departures level E04 right in the front of modules A-E. You can also find taxis at terminal 2 at the bus and taxi stop north of the arrivals level E03 and departures level E04 and north of the central area/MAC at level E03. The fare for a ride into central Munich is around €60.

Renting a car

You can easily rent a car at the airport’s car rental centre, located at Munich Airport Centre Level 03. You can rent a car at Munich Airport with their contractors Sixt, Avis, Europcar, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, Terstappen and Thrifty.

You are handed the car keys and papers at the car rental centre. Please return the car at the car rental return, opposite to parking area P26 and north of P9. Just leave the car with the service crew just outside the entrance. The keys and papers stay in the car.

Useful Information

munich airport bus information

The current airport and its out-of-the-way location are a result of growing air traffic and a need to replace the old airport. For most of the 20th century, Munich’s airport was in the district of Riem, which was a lot closer to the city centre than the current airport.

However this site caused numerous problems, including one incident where a plane crashed into a tram in downtown Munich, so in 1992 the airport was moved to its current location to meet the demand for more capacity and more modern facilities.


Where is Munich Airport located?

The airport is located 28.5 km (17.7 mi) northeast of Munich near the city of Freising. Its address is Nordallee 25, 85356 Freising, Germany.

How many terminals are there at Munich Airport?

Munich Airport is a well-functioning airport with 2 terminals- Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

  • All airlines that are not members of Star Alliance are based in Terminal 1. The terminal is segmented into six modules: A, B, C, D, E and F. Modules A-D provide all facilities required to handle departures and arrivals, including landside drive-by lanes and parking, whereas module E is only equipped to handle arrivals.

  • Terminal 2 hosts Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partners with the exception of Turkish Airlines which is handled in Terminal 1C:

Can I exchange money at Munich Airport?

Yes, it is possible to exchange money at Munich Airport. You can easily exchange currency at any one of the ReiseBank branches found in Terminal 2 and Munich Airport Centre.

Does the Airport have internet connectivity?

There’s Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal to help you stay in touch or plan your travels. Just choose ‘Telekom’ Wi-fi and follow the on-screen instructions. Once registered, you’ll receive free Wi-Fi for the duration of your stay at Munich Airport.

Can I sleep at the Airport?

Yes, you can sleep at the airport.

  • Munich Airport offers three rest zones in each terminal where tired travellers can relax before their flight. These designated areas include reclining chairs and footrests, as well as business stations with desks and power outlets.

  • Munich Airport features Nap Cabs. Located Airside in Terminal 2. These self-service sleep pods come equipped with a bed, small desk, WIFI, privacy blinds, and air conditioning.

  • Hilton Munich Airport is the only on-site hotel option. The hotel is located between Terminals 1 and 2, just a short distance from baggage claim.

Want to find a place to stay nearby Munich Airport? Check this list of nearby hotels.

What other services does the Munich Airport offer?

The Airport offers a wide range of services to travellers. These include:

  • Postal Services
  • Wi-Fi
  • Baby Care Facilities, Children’s Play Area and Free Strollers
  • Gym
  • Food and Drinks concessions, Grocery Store, Airbräu- World’s first airport brewery
  • Information Desks, Service Centres and Travel agencies
  • Medical Services and Pharmacy
  • ATMs / Cash Machines and Currency Exchange
  • Chapel and Prayer Rooms
  • Cots, Lounges, Casino
  • Massage, Hair Salon, Showers, Spa
  • Duty-Free & Shopping
  • Visitor Terrace and Visitor’s Park

What are some nearby places?

  • Kardinal-Dopfner-Haus
  • Brewery Weihenstephan
  • Erdinger Brewery
  • Therme Erding
  • Weihenstephaner Garten
  • Mariensaule
  • Freisinger Wochenmarkt
  • Altes Gefangnis Freising
  • Oberdieck Garten
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