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Paris Orly Airport Bus

Orly airport runway

Laying closest to Paris, the Orly Airport is situated only 13 km south of the capital. It is also the largest one in terms of domestic traffic and the second busiest French airport overall in passenger traffic, serving over 33 million passengers in 2018. What makes the Villeneuve Airport so popular?

First of all excellent communication, both with Paris and with the cities around (e.g. Disneyland). Secondly, the close distance to all major attractions in Paris. What is the best way to get to Paris? How to find some interesting facilities at the airport? Read our article below and find the answers for your questions!

Table of contents:

1. Bus transfers
1.1. Buses to Paris
1.2. Bus to Disneyland Paris
2. Metro transfers
3. Tram transfers
4. Taking a taxi
5. Renting a car
6. Practical information
7. FAQ

Bus transfers

The bus communication is working really well in Paris and its township. Therefore the bus constitutes a great choice when you want to transfer between the airport and the city, particularly at night. Direct buses to Paris depart from the stops near terminals Orly Ouest and Orly Sud.

Buses to Paris

Orlybus: Paris-Orly Airport- Paris Denfert-Rochereau station

It shuttles between 6am and 00:30am, departing every 15-20 minutes and reaching the city within half an hour. The single ticket costs €8.70.

Bus Line 1: Eiffel Tower - Paris-Orly

It operates between 5:50 am to 23:30 pm (Terminal S) and 23:35 om (Terminal W. After about 30 to 40 minutes it reaches the Gare Monparnasse. It needs 20 minutes more to get to Etoile. The price for a single ticket is €12 (€20 for a round trip).

Bus Line 3:Paris-Orly - Paris-CDG

It connects both airports, reaching them within 70-80 minutes. The trip costs€21 for a one-way ticket and€36 for a round trip.

Bus 183 :Paris Orly – Porte de Choisy Station

A local bus, which constitutes the cheapest option. It departs every 30-40 minutes and needs about an hour to get to the city. It costs only €2 for a single ticket.

Bus 91-10: Paris- Orly and Massy-TGV station

It shuttles between 5am and 9pm (6am and 9pm during the weekends), being also a cheap alternative. The single ticket costs €2 as well. It reaches the TGV station within 30 minutes.

Night buses:

Bus -N22: Orly Airport –Place du Châtelet and Gare de Juvisy

Bus N31: Orly Airport – Paris - Gare de Lyon

Bus N131: Orly Airport – Paris Gare de Lyon and Gare deBrétigny-sur-Orge

Bus N144: Orly Airport - Paris-Est and gare de Corbeil-Essonnes.

Bus to Disneyland

Val d’Europe Airports Shuttle (VEA):Paris-Orly Airport - Disneyland Resort

It runs every 30 minutes between Paris-Orly airport, various hotels and the Disneyland Resort Paris amusement park. Within 45-60 minutes it gets to its final station – children’s heaven on earth. A single ticket costs €23 (one-way). Children from 3 to 11 years old pay €10.

Check out our website for bus tickets from Orly Airport to Paris

Metro transfer

Similarly to bus communication, Paris is served by an interconnected network of rapid-transit railways, known as the Réseau Express Régional (RER). This network includes Orly Airport as well.

ORLYVAL shuttle train: Orly Airport - Antony train station orlyval Paris airport transfer

Orlyval is an automatic light metro, having only 3 stops: Antony Train Station and two at Orly Airport. It is the fastest way to get to the city. The journey takes about 45 minutes and the ticket price is €9-12.The Orly Airport train (OrlyVal) departs from Orly Sud and Orly Ouest.

Tram transfer

Tram 7 (T7):Orly Airport - Villejuif-Louis Aragon

It is available every day, shuttling every 6 minutes between 05:30am to 12:30pm. It reaches the city center within 45 minutes.

Taking a taxi:

If you are not in the mood for public transport, there are plenty of taxis waiting for you at the exit to the baggage reclaim area of Arrivals. The price may vary from €30 to even €55-60 depending on your destination. There are several taxi companies officially recommended by the airport. Check out the following list.

Renting a car

Considering the number of companies and vehicles available at the airport, you can rent a car within seconds. The large offer includes both national and international companies, such as Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Budget or Sixt. Click here for a full list of companies and contact details.

Practical information

The Orly Airport is the second busiest in France, being the most frequently chosen port in terms of national traffic. Nevertheless, it offers of course a wide range of international and intercontinental flights, with routes to Africa, Asia, North America and the Caribbean countries constituting an important part of its daily operations.

Currently Paris-Orly Airport features two separate terminals – Terminal Sud (South Terminal) and Terminal Ouest (West Terminal). A junction between those two buildings is planned to be opened in March 2019. The junction building will be used as Terminal 3, Terminal Ouest will become Terminal 1 and 2, while Terminal Sud would constitute the Terminal 4.

As befits a large international complex, it is equipped with all amenities a modern traveller may need. For those, who have to combine travel with work, there is a business center, located in West Terminal. There is also a Post Office in case you need to send anything. It is located in West Terminal as well (level 0, Gate A). There are also two pharmacies available, one in the West Terminal and one in the South one.

Travelling with small kids? No worries, as you can find here special baby changing stations, both landside and airside, on the departures/arrivals levels. Last, but not least, there are also several prayer areas, open to people of all faiths, as well as a chapel, a mosque and a synagogue for particular celebrations. You will find them both in West, as well as in South Terminal.

Feeling hungry? You will find plenty of eateries both in Terminal Ouest and Sud. A total of 20 bars and cafes is at your disposal. The same is with shops. Each of the terminal features around 20 retail stores you can visit. Of course, you will find there large duty-frees as well.


1. Can I transfer between the airport and the city at night?

Yes, as the Orly Airport is connected via buses and metro, going both ways. In case you miss the last metro, there are four night bus lines –N22, N31, N131, N144. You will find more information here.

2. Does the airport close at night?

It may close between 12:30am-3:30am. However, in practice it often allows people who sleep or wait for their flight and are already inside to stay there. It is good to have a plan B just in case.

3. Is the Orly Airport big?

It takes 15.3 square kilometers of land, spanning over two departments and seven communes. So yes, it is quite big:

4. Are there any hotels nearby the airport?

There are at least a few, which are really worth recommendation. First of all, Hilton Paris Orly Airport Hotel (only 0.3 km away from the port), then Ibis Paris Orly Airport (0.6 km away) and Mercure Paris Orly Airport (1.3 km away from Orly). They all provide great quality and airport shuttle (upon request).

5. How far is the Orly Airport from the Charles de Gaulle one?

They are located on the opposite sides of the city. The shortest way leads through the A3 highway, having 40km. There is also a direct bus line, no.3.

6. Can I exchange the money at the airport?

Sure thing. There are several exchange offices and ATMs in various parts of the airport, working 24/7.

7. Is there a baggage storage at the airport?

Yes, there is. You can count on complex services, helping passengers with Luggage dispatch, preparation and checking-in. You can reserve a locker on the digital platform.

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