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Pisa Airport Bus

Galilei International Airport Pisa Airport, officially known as Galileo Galilei Airport, is located only 1 km from Pisa City Centre (by the coast) & only 70 minutes from Florence city. It is Tuscany’s main airport, and in terms of passengers, it secures a position of tenth in Italy. The name of this airport comes after the famous scientist and native of Pisa – Galileo Galilei. Toscana Aeroporti, an Italian company, maintains this airport. This airport is famous for plenty of affordable companies like Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling & others, which make it very easy to reach international destinations at a very moderate price. But what to do when you reach the airport? How to get to your desired location without much hassle? Don’t worry. We will tell you everything about it. So, keep calm and follow.

Table of Contents

1. People Mover
2. Bus Transfer
3. Rent a car
4. Taking a taxi
5. Practical Information
6. FAQ

People Mover

This airport has its automatic train also called Pisa people mover which helps people in travelling directly from Pisa airport to Pisa Central Station. The train is functional every day from 6:00 am to midnight, every 5 minutes. Tickets will be available at Trenitalia ticket offices & at vending machines at the airport. If your desired location is Florence or vice versa, then you might have five trains per day. The fares are listed below:

Single Ticket fare – 1,10 euros From Pisa Airport-Florence – 800 euros Further information is available here.

Arrival station of Pisa Mover

Bus Transfers

Bus transfers are very affordable if you want to travel from Pisa airport to Florence, Siena, Lucca, or Viareggio/Pietrasanta. The area dedicated to the buses, i.e. P6, is located on the square outside the passenger terminal. The tickets can be purchased easily from the Flight Information office ( Arrivals Terminal). You can also take an airbus to the cities of Montecatini-Pistoia-Prato at the station of Caronna.

Bus Line 1 -> To Pisa City Centre

The last stop of this bus is Pisa Central Train station, to Leaning Tower (Piazza Duomo). As the distance is very less from the airport to the City Centre, the ride consists merely of around 15 minutes.

Bus Line 2 -> To Florence

The stop is named “Piazzale Montelungo”. The ride takes one hour. Fares are 1400 euros (one way) and 2400 euros (round trip).

Bus Line 3 -> To Siena

The stop is named “Piazza Gramsci”. The ride takes 2 and a half hours.

Bus Line 4 -> To Lucca

The stop is named ‘Piazzale Verdi”. The ride takes 1 hour of your time.

Bus line 5 ->To Viareggio/ Pietrasanta

This bus stops in the cities of Viareggio and Pietrasanta. The ride takes 1 hour and a half.

Airbus to Montecatini-Pistoia-Prato

This airbus stops in Florence Airport, in Montecatini, Pistoia and Prato. It takes about 2 hours. Fares are as follows:

  • To Montecatini: 15 euros
  • To Pistoia: 1700 euros
  • To Prato: 1700 euros
  • To Florence airport: 20 euros

The bus schedule and detailed information is available on this link.

Renting a car

To rent a car is a perfect idea if you want to explore the city with full freedom. As the Pisa City Centre is not far from the airport, so in only 10-15 minutes, you’ll be in the heart of this beautiful city. The car rental is just next to the Passenger terminal.

You have to walk only 5 minutes to reach there. Or you can also use the Shuttle bus if there is a case of reduced mobility (on your part). The shuttle bus terminus is just outside the passenger terminal (Arrivals side). There are different car rental companies that this airport provides like Hertz, Interrent, Europcar, Liberty, Sixt, Joyrent, Goldcar & others.

You don’t need to get anxious if you arrive at the airport late at night or very early in the morning. The car rental closes after the airport so you will be able to rent a car without any problem. The timings are:

  • Winter (October- March) 8:00 am to 9:30 pm
  • Summer (April- September) 7:00 am to 10:30 pm

Taking a taxi

If you take a cab, then you will get direct access to the highway as it is just next to Pisa airport. And you will be in the centre pretty quickly. And don’t forget to tell the driver to turn on the meter before the trip.

You can find taxi ranks outside the Arrivals Hall. There is also an option for sharing ride service and then pay a flat rate to a specific destination if multiple parties are involved in the trip. Use apps such as Uber or Lyft. CO.TA.PI (Cooperative Pissana Tassisti) is the leading taxi company at this airport. It offers services 24/7.

There are fixed fares established by this co.:

  • To Pisa Main Station - 9 euros
  • To Piazza Duomo & Piazza Manin – 12 euros
  • To Cisanello City Hospital - 12 euros

Practical Information

Pisa Airport is first developed for the military in the 1930s & 1940s. The airport has mainly five-passenger & 1 coach parking areas. Not only civilians but Italian Air Force also use this airport as a base. In the past, it has also been used as a base for 15th Air Force of the United States Army Air Forces. The airport resides at an elevation of approximately 6 feet (2 m) above mean sea level. It has two asphalt paved runways. There are many services that you can enjoy at the airport.

pisa italy airport


Where is Pisa Airport located?

Pisa airport resides only 1 km away from the Pisa city centre.

What are the various services that can be availed at the airport?

There are various services like restaurants, lounge, shopping, tourism, lost baggage and many others.

Are there any means for cash withdrawal? How many exchange bureaux are there?

There is one bank for cash withdrawal and two exchange bureaux.

If my luggage gets misplaced then where should I go for help?

You should go to the airport’s Lost Property Office on the first floor of the airport. They handle queries regarding the items misplaced in and around the terminal.

Can I sleep at night at Pisa airport?

The airport closes at night from the day’s last flight to 4:00 am and it doesn’t permit overnight stays. Also to further prevent any outdoor sleepers the water sprinklers outside the terminal turn on. You can check the nearby hotels for getting a sound sleep.

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