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Tirana Airport Bus

Tirana Airport Bus

Travelling to Albania? Check out our guidebook about Tirana and the only international Albanian airport. Below you may find comprehensive information about various means of transport, as well as some tips and tricks about the airport itself.

Table of contents

1. Buses from the airport
1.1. Transfer to Tirana center
1.2. Buses to other cities
2. Taking a taxi
3. Renting a car
4. Useful information
5. FAQ

Buses from the airport

Public transport in Tirana is not the most smooth way of communication, as there is no railway link to the airport. There are however two express buses shuttling between the airport and the city center. You can find them departing on every hour from outside the terminal. However, they only operate 12 hours per day.

Transfer to Tirana center

You can choose between two kinds of buses. Both the Rinas Airport Bus and RinasExpress Bus shuttle between the airport and city center, departing from outside the terminal and arriving at National Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

This is also the departure point for the buses going towards the airport. The coaches depart every full hour from 7am to 10pm (Tirana-TIA) and from 8am to 11pm (TIA-Tirana), arriving at its destination after 30 minutes. A single regular ticket costs 250 Albanian Lek, which is a bit under €2.

Transfer to other cities

When you want to visit other cities, e.g. the sunny resorts in Durres or Fier, check out the offer provided by Adis Travel and Tours, and Euro-Albania Travel respectively. The companies provide direct transfers between the Tirana Airport and holiday resorts.

The coaches are available several times per day. For more information check out the following link.

Taking a taxi

taxi transfer airport Tirana

Taxi services constitute a very attractive alternative to the public transport, especially if you need to transfer at some irregular hours. The journey takes usually 25 minutes max. The taxi service is provided by ATEx and the cars are parked outside the terminal.

You will recognize them easily by the yellow color and characteristic logo on both sides of the vehicle. The journey costs between 1500 and 2500 Lek (about 12-18 EUR). You can also pre-book your transfer using the form available at ATEx website.

Renting a car

Tirana airport to Durres highway

Car rental is the best option for those who like to be independent and enjoy comfort. Tirana International Airport is located 17 kilometers outside the capital and it’s easy to reach via the new access road from the Tirana - Durres motorway. You can find the most popular European car rental companies available at the airport, including Avis, Europcar, Sixt, Ara and few others.

Useful information

The airport in Tirana is the only international one in Albania, which means that it gathers all the international traffic. By means of passengers it is also the 12th largest in the Balkan Peninsula.

Many guests choose this airport both when planning their vacations or business trips. Due to its international status it offers all the regular amenities encountered worldwide, including the duty-free zone, several shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as phone booths and business lounges.

It also has 4 ATMs in case you need to withdraw money. You can also withdraw money at Banka KombetareTregtare (BKT), located in the Arrivals and Check in hall. If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can do it in the A&A group store. In case you want to have an Albanian phone number or sort any other telecommunication problems, there are two mobile phones companies available: Albtelecom and Vodafone.


1. How long is the airport open?

The airport operates 24/7, however the shops or restaurants are closed after 9 or 10pm.

2. What hotels are near the Tirana Airport?

Actually there are at least three recommendable hotels: - Hotel Airport Tirana located 1-minute walk from the airport with free 24-hour roundtrip airport shuttle. - Best Western Premier Ark Hotel, located 2 minutes away from the main terminal, with free roundtrip airport shuttle. - The farthest lies within 5-minutes walking distance. Hotel Villa Zeus does not have an airport shuttle.

3. Where can I travel in the Schengen area without a visa?

The new regulations for Albanian travelers holding a biometric passport means visa-free travel to each country of Schengen area except for Great Britain and for Ireland.

Thus visa-free travel is permitted to the following countries:Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands (Holland), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden.

4. Where can I store my baggage?

Unfortunately as a result to the latest anti-terrorism laws there is no luggage storage service available at the airport.

5. How can I get to the city center at night?

There are no buses departing to Tirana’s center after 11pm, therefore the best option is to take a taxi, which should cost you between 1500 and 2500 Lek (around 12-18 EUR).

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