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Vienna Airport Bus

Vienna Airport Bus Vienna Airport or Schwechat Airport derives its name from the town in which it is located – Schwechat. It lies about 18 km southeast from the city center. The Vienna Airport is the biggest international one in Austria, therefore there is a good chance that you will land up here. It serves about 24 million passengers per year (24,4 million last year). If you are wondering how to get to the city center, don’t worry and check out our comprehensive guidebook. Below you will find all the tips and tricks you need to know when travelling to Vienna, as well as other cities nearby, incl. Bratislava or Budapest.

Table of contents:

1. Vienna Airport - Practical information
2. Bus from the airport
3. Train from the airport
4. Taking a taxi
5. Renting a car

Vienna Airport - Practical information

The airport has also prepared some official information for passengers travelling to Vienna. Entering its website, you can find there all the important links, points of contact, maps, information about the retail and other services.

There are over 70 retail outlets waiting for you at the Schwechat Airport, comprising all the fashion and gastronomy in one place. If you have some free time, you can use it for relax in a choice of two lounges with cable TV, free Wi-Fi and computer terminals. You can also taste the traditional Austrian cuisine or grab a slice of pizza or sushi rolls. Check out the airport’s website and spend the time the way you want.

Are you looking for a place to stay near airport? Check nearby hotels

Important! The complex lies outside Vienna’s travel zone, which means that all the single journey tickets, network passes etc. will work only within the borders of the city.

Bus from the airport

Bus from the airport Public transport is very well organized in Vienna. You can count on 5 underground lines, 29 tram lines and 127 buses, 24 of which are operating by night. No wonder that many people choose bus communication as their way of transfer between the airport and the city. You can choose between two operators:Vienna Airport Lines (VAL) and the Air-Liner (Blaguss). Depending on the chosen company, you will also have different points in the center to hop in or out. Let’s start from the Vienna Airport Lines.

Vienna Airport Lines (VAL)

It offers three lines, providing bus transfers between the airport and city center.

  • VAL 1: Operates between Schwechat Airport (VIE) and Westbanhof, via: Volkstheater, Rathaus and Schottentor. It leaves every 30 mins. The journey takes 40 minutes approx.

  • VAL2: Between Schwechat Airport (VIE) and Morzinplatz/Schwedenplatz. It goes directly to the Platz and departs also every 30 minutes. The journey takes 22 minutes approx.

  • VAL3: Between Schwechat Airport and Donauzentrum, via:Kagraner Brücke Hotel, NH Danube City, VIC/Kaisermühlen, Krieau, Stadion and Donaumarina, leaving once an hour. The journey takes 39 minutes approx.

Important information:

  • The tickets cost always 8,00€ for adults and 4,00€ for children between 6-14. Children under 6 don’t have to buy any tickets.

  • Tickets can be purchased from the driver.

  • For any other information, incl. timetables or details of the journey, you can check the VAL website.

Air-Liner (Blaguss)

The operator provides two lines, departing every 15 minutes and connecting Vienna airport with the city center.

  • Air-Liner option 1: Schwechat Airport (VIE), bus terminal 3, bus stop 9 – Vienna Bus Station (Hauptbanfof) The journey takes 28 minutes approx. The bus leaves every 15 minutes from 5.05 AM to 10.05 PM.

  • Air-Liner option 2: Schwechat Airport (VIE) terminal 3, bus stop 9 -VIBErdberg (U3 station) –The journey takes 15 minutes. Analogically, the bus leaves every 15 minutes from 5.05 AM to 10.05 PM.

Practical information:

  • A single ticket for the Air-Liner costs 5,00€. You can also buy return tickets for 9,00€. (children under 6 years no fee, up to 12 years pay half of the price).
  • You can purchase the tickets online, from the driver or from the sales outlet in Erdberg.

Buses between the Vienna airport and other cities.

As the Vienna airport constitutes a strategic point for many tourists, It also offers a wide range of national and international bus links to cities. You can take a direct airport bus to Graz, Münchendorf or Neusiedl, as well as various cities around Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany or Romania. The most popular link is the bus between Vienna Airport and Bratislava, which can be reached within 45 minutes. There are also airport shuttle buses to Brno, Budapest, Praha or Ljublana, as well as some further locations, such as Warsaw, Timisoara, Sibiu or Sofia.

Train from the airport

There are various train services to the airport, but we have listed for you the two most convenient options:the express CAT (City Airport Train), or the slower, yet cheaper,S7Schnellbahn (city train).

City Airport Train (CAT)

It constitutes the most recommendable choice, as the train goes directly to the city center (WienMitte). WienMitte is a fairly large, centrally-located station (10 minutes walking distance from the St. Stephan’sCathedral), sitting on various public transport lines: Subway (U3 and U4), Tram (O and 1), Train (S1, S2, S3, S4, S7 and more) and the Bus (74A). The journey from or to the airport takes only 16 minutes, being the fastest way to get from Schwechat Airport to the city center.

Practical information:

  • A Single ticket costs approximately 12,00€, while the return one is about 19,00€.
  • An important hint for all, who depart from Vienna: The Check in for the flight is also possible at the CAT terminal in the city center (boarding passes too). The service is available 24 hours, up to 75 minutes before one’s departure.

Express Train S7

The train links the Schwechat Airport with Vienna city center (Floridsorf is the railway terminus), stopping at various stations en route. The whole journey to Floridsdorf takes about 37 minutes, however it gives you the possibility to get off in various parts of the capital. It is also cheaper than the CAT train. Schwechat Airport (VIE) – Floridsdorf, via: Handelskai, Traisengasse, Praterstern, Wien Mitte, Rennweg, St. Marx, Geiselbergstraße, Zentralfriedhof and Kaiserebersdorf.

Practical information:

  • Since the airport is outside the city, you will need two single tickets: 1,70 € to the city zone and 2,20 € for the city zone. (Please have in mind that the first ones can only be bought at the ticket vending machines!)
  • Children younger than 6 can travel for free.

Rail connections to other cities

You can also use the services of Railjet, which offers plenty of rail links to other Austrian or European cities. You can transfer from Vienna Airport directly to St.Polten,, Innsbruck, Linz or Salzburg. You can also change train at Wien Hauptbahnhof and go to Graz, Klagenfurt, Praha, Brno, Budapest or Gyor. For more information check out the rail connections tab on Vienna’s Airport website. For detailed timetables click the following link:

Taking a taxi

vienna airport Basic taxi transfers to or from the airport typically cost €25-35. You can pre-book a transfer online with* or find a list of local taxi services here.

Remember that it nice to tip your driver. Watch out also for the drivers approaching passengers at the arrival hall. Most probably, they are working without a license and their business is illegal.

Renting a car

Vienna Airport features loads of car-rent offices, including the biggest companies like Sixt, Avis or and some smaller, local ones. You can compare their terms and prices and choose the option most suitable for you.

You can also check out the car sharing service, DriveNow, which has its own parking bay at the airport. They offer a convenient Drive’n Fly package, recommendable for all who like to travel comfortably.

The airport and car hire returns are well thought-out and easy to reach by road. The time of your journey will depend on when and where you leave from. In good traffic, the distance transfer between the airport and the center can be reached within 20-25 minutes.

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