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Warsaw Chopin Airport Bus

Warsaw Chopin Airport - entrance

The Warsaw Chopin Airport is located in the Wlochy district in Warsaw, Poland. It is the largest airport in the country and handles approximately 40% of the total air traffic of the country.

Its full name is Warsaw Frederick Chopin Airport, but it is called the Chopin or Warsaw-Chopin airport by most people. In this article, you will find all the information you need about this airport and travelling to or from it.

Table of contents:

1.How to Check-in and Baggage Allowance
2.Bus Service from the Airport
3.Taking a Taxi
4.Renting a Private Car
5.Taking a train
6.Useful Information

How to Check-in and Baggage Allowance

Check-in can be done at the counters in the airport, where you will receive your boarding pass after checking in your luggage. The boarding card helps you shop at the stores in the airport as well. Check-in begins 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and closes before 45 minutes of the departure time. Some passengers can even use the self-check-in stands.

This can be used by the people who only have hand luggage and they can proceed directly to the security check. The baggage limits are decided by the airlines’ policies. The weight limit ranges from 5kgs to 50kgs. There are also rules about carriage of animals, liquids and luggage which can be checked here.

Bus service from the airport

bus warsaw chopin airport

A new terminal for buses and coaches has just been inaugurated for easy access to and from the airport into the surrounding areas and cities. It has 21 bus stands and multiple waiting areas for travelers. Stands 2 to 15 are for the buses that are scheduled and the rest come and go. You can book your bus ticket from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Warsaw Center.

There are 5 intercity buses as well that run from the airport to Warsaw city centre:

OkBus runs daily at 11:35, 15:45 and 19:00. The price of a single ticket is 4.85 Euro.

ModlinBus run daily at 17:35. The price of a single ticket is 4.85 Euro.

Ecocar Taxi runs daily at 20:00. The price of a single ticket is 10.50 Euro.

It takes an average of 30 minutes to get to Warsaw centre from the airport.

There are 5 scheduled buses that run from the Chopin Warsaw Airport Terminal A:

Bus 175 runs daily from 4.27 to 22.58 and the route is Chopin Airport- City Centre; main streets ZWIRKI I WIGURY – AL.JEROZOLIMSKIE (Central Railway Station) – KRAKOWSKIE PRZEDMIESCIE – PL.PILSUDSKIEGO

Bus 148, which runs between 4.34 to 22.35 and the route it takes is from the airport to Urysnow-Praga; main streets: (ZWIRGY I WIGURY – NOWOURSYNOWSKA – MOST SIEKIERKOWSKI – GROCHOWSKA)

Bus 331 runs daily between 6.14 to 7.54 and goes from the Chopin Airport to Metro Wilanowska; main streets: NARKEIWICZA, WIRAZOWA, POLECZKI, LACZYNY, PULAWSKA, AL.WILANOWSKA.

Bus N32 runs every night and takes you to the Central Railway Station from the Chopin Airport.

You can get more information about bus terminal on Warsaw Chopin Airport here

Taking a taxi

There are many licensed taxi services offered by the airport like ELE Taxi, iTaxi and MPT Taxi which can take you to any part of the town. The average fare by taxi from the airport to the City Centre is 40 PLN. They advise taking the in house taxi services and not the taxi services outside for safety and rate control purposes.

Renting a car

You can rent a private car service from the airport itself, or avail any other car renting services in Warsaw. The airport website provides you with the map of the city for safety purposes and highlights all the main roads that should be taken.

Taking a train

Taking a train is also very common in Poland. The Warsaw Chopin airport is connected to Legionowo and Sulejówek Miłosna (through the city centre) by a railway service. The service is managed by two companies: Szybka Kolej Miejska – SKM (Fast Urban Railway) and Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways).

Szybka Kolej Miejska has 2 batches of trains operating. The SKM S2 trains take a longer route while the SKM S3 trains take a shorter route. You can check out the timetable of the trains at the following link along with the route:

KML Railways also has services to take you around the country of Poland. Check out the time table here:

Useful information

information warsaw chopin airport

There are a lot of services offered in the airport itself. There is a fast track check-in line for passengers with only hand baggage and no luggage. There is also a VIP Line and Lounge for people who pay a little more and travel often from the airport. There is also space for people to have meetings for business and work along with the leisure rooms.

There are TVs and Shopping options spread out over the airport. There are shops for retail as well as a Post Office and a Tax Refund Counter. There are also a lot of features to aid travelling with children. They have baby rooms and a line for parents as well as many other facilities.


Where is Chopin Airport located?

Chopin Airport is located in the Wlochy district of Warsaw, 10 kilometres south-west of Warsaw City Centre in Poland. The airport was known as Warsaw - Okecie Airport until it was renamed in 2001 as a tribute for Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. The name Okecie Airport is still being used in some cases.

How many terminals are there at Chopin Airport?

In 2010, the naming and designation of the terminals changed. Now, there is one Terminal A, divided into 5 check-in areas, labelled A to E. A and B areas are known as the South Hall and C, D and E are a part of the North Hall.

Can I exchange money at the Chopin Airport?

Yes, you can exchange money at the airport and also get tax refunds. It is better to use ATMs as it has been reported that currency exchanges charge a significantly higher exchange rates at the airport. You can also go to the city and find Kantor exchanges that will give you a reasonable rate.

Does the airport have internet connectivity?

The airport has 24X7 internet connectivity through Wi-Fi. It is totally free.

What are some nearby places to visit?

There are many places you can hang out near the airport. There is an Axe-Throwing Club (2km from the airport), AB Poland Travel (4.5 km), Enigma Escape Room (6km) and the Pinball Arcade and Museum. There are also a lot of clubs and escape rooms nearby where you can leisure.

Can I sleep at the airport?

Airport staff are generally okay with you sleeping at the airport. For uninterrupted sleep, there’s a hotel right opposite the airport (Courtyard Warsaw Airport) and several other hotels nearby that provide free shuttle service to and from.

You can also check list of nearby hotels here.

What other services does the airport offer?

  • Currency exchange
  • Baby care facilities
  • Banking
  • Chapels
  • Children’s play areas
  • Travel agency
  • Lost luggage
  • First Aid
  • Information counter
  • ATMs
  • Postal services
  • VIP & Executive Lounges
  • Showers
  • Observation deck

What are some attractions in Warsaw?

Warsaw is a place filled with a very rich history. Some of the most marvellous attractions are Lazienki Park, Old Town Market Square, Royal Castle, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Nowy Świat, Wilanow Palace, Palace of culture and science, Museum of the history of Polish Jews, Copernicus Science Centre and much more!

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