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  1. To find out about the availability of your flight or destination,simply use the search form on the main page of our site.

    Specify the point of departure and arrival, as well as the desired departure date and number of passengers and click “Find ticket”.

    You will be presented with a list of all available flights in the chosen direction, indicating the price and rating of the Carrier. You will be able to get acquainted with the timetable and choose the most suitable bus route.

    If there are no available seats or bus routes for the selected date, the site will offer to look at the nearest date or alternative departure point.

  2. All information that is displayed in the bus schedule on our website and indicated in your tickets about the routes is relevant and provided by the Carrier.

    Unfortunately, we cannot completely eliminate the situation of bus route`s cancellation for reasons beyond our control, but in this case, we will contact you as soon as the Carrier notifies us and warns about any changes in the flight.

    Additional information about the flight, bus number or route specification you can always find out by the Carrier contact number specified in your ticket

  3. If the ticket for the bus route you are interested in is already displayed on the site while you search, you can book and pay for it in one of the ways convenient for you. Payment methods will be offered you after the formation of the order.

    Generally, Carriers open sales on regular bus routes a month in advance and you can pre-purchase a ticket for the desired route.

  4. The average travel time, information about stops and the expected time of arrival at the final point of the route are displayed on our website in the bus route schedule and are always specified in the tickets.

    Unfortunately, there are cases of unforeseen delay in arrival of the bus in connection with the situation on the road, the crossing of state borders or technical problems that can not be foreseen, that is why we strongly recommend that extra time be put on the trip and do not plan to change to another flight or mode of transport less than 2 hours for domestic flights and less than 8 hours for international flights.

  5. All information that the Carrier transmitted to us, concerning the brand of the bus and the available services and facilities provided during the route, is displayed on our website while booking the ticket.

    Additional information about the services on the bus you can always specify by the contacts of the Carrier, which are specified in the ticket.

  6. The Carrier is entitled to regulate the rules for transporting animals on their bus routes, so we strongly recommend you to clarify the information about the transportation of the animal on the chosen bus route directly from the carrier by the telephone number specified in the ticket.

    We also advise you to prepare a veterinary passport with vaccination made notes, a certificate of the animal`s health status, a carrying bag or a cage with a blind bottom and clean water for your pet while planning a trip with an animal.

  7. Information on the conditions of carrying baggage on specific bus routes you can always clarify by the contact number of the carrier indicated in the ticket.

    Please note that the Carrier has every right to refuse the passenger in the transportation of hand luggage or baggage, if this baggage blocks the passage in the bus for other passengers, or does not correspond to the number and size.

  8. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no technical possibility on website to provide you a discount based on Preferential Document. But our specialists are already working on elimination of this flaw, in order to give you an opportunity of purchasing discount tickets on our website.

  9. All the detailed information the Carrier provides us about the entire bus route, stops during the route and the arrival points, is indicated on our website in the timetable.

    Please note that only the Carrier adjusts the route and stops, and also determines the possibility of landing outside the specified points of the route.

    Additional information about stops or specification of the route you can find out by contacting the carrier on the telephone number specified in the ticket.

  10. Total duration of every international route, that is shown on our website, already includes an average time that border crossing control takes.

    Please note that the procedure for crossing the border and passing customs control is regulated only by specialized public authorities and may take additional time.

    Unfortunately, Busfor and the Carrier are not able influence the process of crossing the border or affect the process of verification during customs control.

    We recommend you to familiarize yourself in advance with the rules of border crossing, if you have chosen an international bus route, and also prepare all the necessary documents.

    The list of documents, and other questions about the procedure and terms of crossing the border, you can clarify by contacting the customs control services of a specific state of your arrival.

  11. Busfor does not provide services for sending parcels by bus routes and is not responsible for your personal arrangements with the carrier.

  12. After specifying the direction you need, date of departure and the number of passengers, our website will display all the current bus routes with the availability of seats in your direction in case if there are ones.

    Our specialists are working constantly on cooperations with multiple Carriers to increase the variety of traveling directions on our website.

    So if you haven`t found routes in desirable destination on our website this time, we suggest you to visit our service again and perhaps your tickets will be already on sale.

  13. For successful boarding you need to have your ID and printed ticket with you, and provide it to a driver.Personal data in your ID ( passport) and passenger`s information in your ticket must completely coincide.

    We cannot guarantee the passenger boarding the bus, and the Carrier has the right to refuse in boarding if one of the listed conditions wouldn`t be respected.

  14. We strongly recommend you to read the information in your ticket properly. In some cases, the Carrier specifies the definite time, in which it is necessary for you to arrive at the departure point and get checked in for a trip.

    In other cases, we recommend that you arrive at the departure address at least one hour before the time of the bus route.

  15. All information that the Carrier gives us concerning the departure address is displayed on our website while booking the ticket, and in your ticket directly.

    Additional landmarks or clarification of geolocation you can always find out directly from the Carrier by the telephone number specified in the ticket.

  16. Please note, it is necessary to print the ticket for the successful boarding on the bus.

    Some Carriers do not require a printed copy of passenger`s ticket for their accounting, but most still require it when boarding the bus.

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you boarding a bus without having a ticket in print, and the carrier has the right to refuse a passenger without a printed ticket.

  17. To book a ticket, you need:

    • Select the desired bus route in your direction using the search form on the main page of our site.
    • Fill in and verify all passenger data
    • Read the refund policy and the public offer
    • Enter the correct mobile phone number to log into your Dashboard
    • Enter the correct e-mail to which tickets will be sent
    • Click the button “Pay” and choose a convenient method of payment.

    Please note, that each reservation has a certain period of time during which it should be paid, otherwise it will be automatically canceled.

    Tickets will be formed and valid for a route only after payment of the reservation.

  18. On some bus routes the seat is determined while boarding the bus. It means that the Carrier has limited the choice of a specific place while booking a ticket on website and dispatcher or the driver provides seats to passengers himself directly before the departure.

    If you bought a ticket with such condition, we recommend you to come for a boarding in advance, so you will have more diverse choice of seats to choose.

    If the Carrier gives an opportunity of choosing a particular seat in the bus in advance, while you are making an order on our website, then after pressing the “Select a seat” button , you will be shown an assumed bus scheme with free seats on it, and suchwise choose the most preferable seat for your trip.

  19. Our website presents both domestic bus routes and international destinations for different countries. See the schedule or availability of the bus route you are interested in you can by using the search form on the main page of our site.

    We highly recommend you to become acquainted with the requirements for crossing the borders between states along the chosen route and prepare all the necessary documents.

  20. You can pay for the ticket immediately after making your booking, using any MasterCard or Visa card, or use another convenient payment method from the offered after the order is formed.

    After successful payment , the generated tickets will be automatically sent to the email address ,mentioned in the order and also available for downloading in your personal account on our website - “My tickets”.

  21. There is no technical ability to edit the personal passenger`s data in generated ticket or to make any corrections in your order if you’ve already paid for it. Therefore we ask you to carefully check the completed data of all passengers before paying for the order.

    We can not guarantee a successful landing on the bus route, if there are any misprints or mistakes in the ticket and the Carrier is entitled to refuse the passenger in boarding if there is incorrect passenger`s data in the ticket. Therefore we recommend you to return the ticket and make a new order with the correct data.

    Also we suggest that you read the voluntary refund conditions of your ticket attentively before submitting the application for a refund.

  22. You can read about all the available promotional offers in the section “Blog” presented at the bottom of the main page on our website.

    And to receive information about upcoming promotions, we recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter from our company and so you could always buy tickets for the best price.

  23. If the discount code you entered does not work, our website will display information about the error.

    If promo code you entered does not work , we recommend you to:

    • Read attentively the terms of use of the discount. You can find it in the letter with the promo code;
    • Check the accuracy of entering a promo code (without spaces and additional symbols). The promotional code should be entered exactly as it performed in the letter from our company.

  24. You can apply for a refund in two ways:

    Number 1: Send an application from your personal account “My tickets” on our website.

    In this case, you need to:

    • log in to your personal account “My tickets “ on the main page of our website
    • select the order that you want to return, and press the “Return ticket” button
    • opposite the ticket, you want to return, please, specify the correct reason for refund, and then press “Return ticket” button ones more.

    Your application will be processed by our specialists within 1-10 days. The result will be sent to the email, specified in the order, and also available for your review in your personal account on the website.

    Number 2: If for some reason you can not enter the section “My Tickets”, you can apply for a refund by clicking on the link from the letter with the tickets that were sent to the email specified in the order after the payment.

  25. The refundable amount depends on the conditions of voluntary refund established by the Carrier and on the time that was left before the departure of your bus route.

    The refund conditions are publicly available and are listed on the website prior to booking, and are also indicated on your ticket.

    We highly recommend you to read the conditions in detail before submitting a request for a refund.

    Your refund request will be processed within 1-10 days.

    You can follow the status of your application via your personal account on our website in the “My tickets” section.

  26. At the moment, there is no technical possibility to make changes to the selected time or date of the bus route or change the selected seats after paying for the tickets.

    In most cases, you can make a refund before the bus route starts and select new tickets for a different time or date.

    We suggest you read the conditions in detail before submitting a request for a refund.

  27. If you are late for the departure of your bus route, read carefully the refund conditions of your ticket that are indicated on the ticket form.

    Some carriers allow you to return the ticket after the bus route has started and return some of its value.

    If there is an available refund condition, follow the instruction “How to issue a refund”.

  28. In case of cancellation of the bus route by the carrier, you will receive an SMS message in advance to the phone number specified in the booking. However, it is very important to enter the correct mobile phone number so that we can notify you about the changes on your bus route or confirm the payment of your tickets.

    If you arrive on departure place of your bus route, that specified in your ticket in time and can not find a bus, please be sure to contact the carrier on phone numbers that indicated on your ticket form. It might happen, that the bus has not yet been submitted for boarding or the platform has been changed.

    We remind you that for any problems with the bus route, you can always contact the support service, writing a claim with the described problem, which will be processed by our specialists.

  29. If you encounter problems on the trip or if you were unable to use the ticket, please let us know about it using your account and filling in the refund application with a specification of your situation.

    You can write a claim by choosing a refund reason “ Other “ and describing the problem in detail.

    Our specialists will process your request and provide the carrier with a response to the situation.

  30. After the trip, we will send you an email with a travel assessment form to the email address that is indicated in your booking. You can write a feedback and evaluate the carrier.

    In virtue of each feedback, that we receive, we generate a rating of the Carriers, which is displayed on the website and helps customers to choose the most reliable carrier.

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