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Reservation and ticket purchase

Discounted tickets

At the moment we are not able to propose a discount on a preferential document, but we make every effort so that you can use this service in the nearest future.

Border crossing

The average time to pass border controls on international routes is taken into account in the total route duration and is indicated on our website and in the tickets.

Please note that the procedure for crossing the border and customs control are regulated only by specialized government agencies and may take additional time.

Busfor and the carrier are not able to speed up the process of crossing the border or affect the speed of customs control checks.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the border crossing rules in advance if you have chosen an international route, as well as prepare all the necessary documents.

The list of documents and other questions about the procedure and time of crossing the border can be clarified in the customs control services of a specific state.

Is it possible to transfer the parcel

Busfor does not provide services for sending parcels by bus routes and is not responsible for your personal arrangements with the carrier.

Is it possible not to print a ticket (Can I show my ticket on a device)

Please note, it is necessary to print the ticket for the successful boarding the bus.

Some Carriers do not require a printed copy of passenger’s ticket for their accounting, but most still require it when boarding the bus.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you boarding a bus without having a ticket in print, and the carrier has the right to refuse a passenger without a printed ticket.

How to book a ticket

To book a ticket, you need:

  • Select the desired bus route in your direction using the search form on the main page of our site.
  • Fill in and verify all passenger data
  • Read the refund policy and the public offer
  • Enter the correct mobile phone number to log into your Dashboard
  • Enter the correct e-mail to which tickets will be sent
  • Click the button “Pay” and choose a convenient method of payment.

Please note, that each reservation has a certain period of time during which it should be paid, otherwise it will be automatically canceled.

Tickets will be formed and valid for a route only after payment of the reservation.

Option to choose seats in the bus

Free seating is a limitation of the carrier’s ability to select a specific place in the bus in advance. The actual seat number will be determined by the dispatcher directly before the boarding.

We recommend you to arrive at the landing point in advance.

If the selected carrier has a fixed seating position, you will be shown a bus schema showing free seats. You can use this option while placing an order and pressing the “Seat selection” button.

International bus routes

You can view the schedule or availability of the route you are interested in by searching for route on the main page of our web site.

Before buying tickets for international routes, we strongly recommend you to get familiar with the requirements of border crossing between the states on the selected route and prepare all the necessary documents.

Payment methods, and how will I receive my tickets

You can pay for the ticket immediately after making your booking, using any MasterCard or Visa card, or use another convenient payment method from the offered after the order is formed

After successful payment, the generated tickets will be automatically sent to the email address, mentioned in the order and also will be available for downloading in your personal account on our website - “Dashboard”.

Are there any discounts, promotions and promotional codes for your clients

We notify all discounts and promotions via emails, as well as in the “Blog” section at the bottom of the home page.

We recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter, since most of the shares are valid only for subscribers.

What should I do if my promotional code does not work

If the discount code you entered does not work, our website will display information about the error.

If promo code you entered does not work, we recommend you to:

  • Read attentively the terms of use of the discount. You can find it in the letter with the promo code;
  • Check if your code is inputted correctly (without spaces and additional symbols).

How to write a feedback about the bus route and the carrier

After the trip, we will send to you an email with a travel assessment form to email address that is indicated in your booking. You can write a feedback and evaluate the carrier.

In virtue of each feedback that we receive, we generate a rating of the Carriers, which helps customers to choose the most reliable carrier.

What is a voucher

A voucher is a type of document that passenger receives after paying for the order. There are two types of vouchers - exchangeable and non-exchangeable.

An exchange voucher is a type of document that must be exchanged for a boarding pass at the box office of the departure bus station.

A non-exchange voucher is a type of voucher that does not need to be changed to a boarding pass, but must be printed and provided to the driver directly when boarding the bus.

On the form of the voucher that you receive after payment of the order, it will be indicated whether it is subject to a mandatory exchange on hand or not. This information is indicated at the top of the document. Please note that regardless of the type of voucher, it is necessary to print it.